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How To Make a White Chocolate Mocha With Keurig: Easy Steps

A white chocolate mocha may seem like a fancy drink you can only get at the coffee shop on the other side of town, but it’s simple enough to make at home with your Keurig!

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It’s become a fun joke that coffee drinks are getting more and more complicated, but sometimes, these complex coffee drinks taste really good.

Everyone’s heard of a latte, a cappuccino, a normal cup of drip coffee, but if you’ve never heard of white chocolate mocha, you’re missing out – big time.

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A white chocolate mocha is made of espresso, steamed milk, and white chocolate sauce. You also might see this drink topped with a swirl of sweet whipped cream, but that bit is optional.

While a white chocolate mocha seems like a fancy drink you can only get at the coffee shop on the other side of town, it’s simple enough you can make it at home with your Keurig.

Since Keurig isn’t an espresso machine, you can’t make an authentic white chocolate mocha, but you can get pretty close.

how to make white chocolate mocha with keurig

How do I make a mocha with a Keurig?

The thing about coffee drinks is that once you have the basics, you can customize them to make any flavored drink you want.

To learn how to make a white chocolate mocha with your Keurig, you must first learn how to make a mocha.

A mocha, sometimes known as a mochaccino, is a variant of a cappuccino.

A cappuccino starts with one or two shots of espresso, followed by steamed milk, and topped with a large layer of milk foam. To turn this cappuccino into a mocha, you simply stir in chocolate powder or sauce.

Step One

But if the Keurig isn’t an espresso machine, how do I use it to make an espresso shot?

You don’t, but you can make something close to it.

First, check your Keurig to see if it comes with a “shot” button. If it does, you’ll use this instead of the brewing button to brew your coffee shot. It isn’t an authentic espresso shot since it’s not made under pressure and will not produce a crema, but this 2-ounce coffee shot is the closest the Keurig will get to it.

If your Keurig doesn’t have a “shot” button, there is still a way for you to make a mocha. Choose the smallest cup size option for your machine. For most machines, this will produce a 4-ounce cup of coffee. It won’t be as concentrated as an espresso shot or a shot brewed with the “shot” button, but it will work if it’s your only option.

Step Two

While your coffee shots are still hot, mix in your chocolate powder or chocolate sauce. There is no specific measurement as everyone has different tastes, but you should start off slow and add more as needed.

Remember, this part is customizable to your tastes. Use white chocolate powder or sauce to make a white chocolate mocha instead of just a mocha.

Step Three

After you have your coffee shot, it’s time to prepare your milk. Keurigs from the K-Cafe line come with a milk frother, but if you have a different model, you can purchase a milk frother separately.

Since a mocha is basically a flavored cappuccino, you’ll want to add your milk to the CAPP line inside your frother.

Next, replace the lid and press the start button. The machine will stop when the milk is frothed.

Step Four

Use a spoon to prevent the milk foam from pouring into the mug. Pour the steamed milk over your coffee shots. Finish off your drink by scooping the milk foam on top of your beverage.

Step Five (Optional)

If you like, you can finish your drink with whipped cream for an added bit of sweetness.

Does the milk I use matter?

The milk you use to make your mocha is up to you, but different milks will produce different milk foams. Using regular milk high in fat will produce rich-tasting and long-lasting foam. Skim milk, 2% milk, or fat-free milk will still make a nice foam, but with more air in the bubbles.

Avoid using lactose-free milk since it produces unpredictable foam.

You can make your mocha vegan by using nut milk, oat milk, or other dairy alternatives. While these foam up nicely, the foam may still lose its structure and bubbles.

It’s important to remember that if you want to make your drink vegan, you will also have to use vegan chocolate syrup or powder.

Can I make a Starbucks white chocolate mocha with a Keurig?

Starbucks makes their white chocolate mocha the same way everyone else does; the only difference is the beans they use.

To make your drink just like the Starbucks baristas, you’ll have to use a Starbucks K-Cup. Starbucks uses its dark-roast espresso in stores, which unfortunately does not come in a Keurig K-Cup.

If you’re determined to use the same ingredients as Starbucks, consider purchasing a reusable Keurig K-Cup and filling it with Starbucks dark-roast coffee beans; just be sure to grind them to a fine consistency.

If you like Starbucks coffee but don’t need to use the exact same beans, any Starbucks K-Cup will do. I’d recommend one of their dark-roast blends or one with 2x caffeine.

If you want a mocha but don’t have chocolate sauce or syrup, Starbucks also sells K-Cups that will mimic the taste of mocha.

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How do I make an iced white chocolate mocha with a Keurig?

To make an iced mocha, you start the same way you do with a hot mocha, but instead of starting with your coffee shot, you’ll want to start with the milk.

Since you’re making an iced drink, you’ll want to start with chilled milk. After you’ve poured your chilled milk up to the CAPP line, press the “cold” button before you press start. This will prevent your milk foam from getting hot and get it ready for your iced drink.

Pour your chilled milk foamy milk over a glass filled with ice.

Next, brew your coffee shot by either using the “shot” button on your Keurig or choosing the smallest cup size option available.

Before you add your coffee to your milk and ice, mix in your white chocolate powder or syrup. After the white chocolate has dissolved in the coffee shot, pour it over your milk and ice.

To make your coffee more of a treat, top your drink with whipped cream.

How do I make a mocha latte with Keurig K-Cups?

A mocha latte is the same thing as a mocha, so to make one with your K-Cups, follow the instructions above.

Since you’re trying to make an espresso shot with a machine not designed to make espresso, the Keurig K-Cup you choose is essential to your drink’s final outcome. An espresso shot is a concentrated shot of coffee made with dark-roasted coffee beans, meaning it has a strong coffee taste.

When deciding on the K-Cup to use, make sure you choose a K-Cup made with dark-roasted coffee beans.

If you’re making a white chocolate mocha because you need that extra kick of caffeine in the morning, pick a K-Cup with extra caffeine.

Happy Caffeinating!

how to make white chocolate mocha with keurig

White Chocolate Mocha With Keurig

Yield: 1
Cook Time: 5 minutes

White Chocolate Mocha is a delicious creamy espresso drink, made with espresso, white chocolate mocha sauce, and milk that’s perfect for a cold winter’s day!


  • 1/3 cup of milk or any milk substitute
  • 1-2 espresso shots brewed with Keurig of your favorite ground coffee
  • White chocolate sauce
  • Whipped cream (optional)


  1. Brew your espresso shots with Keurig.
  2. Mix your coffee shot with chocolate powder or chocolate sauce.
  3. Fill a cup with milk and froth using your Keurig or with a milk frother.
  4. Pour the steamed milk over your coffee shots.
  5. Finish off your drink by scooping the milk foam on top of your beverage.
  6. Finish your drink with whipped cream (Optional).
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