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Kalita Wave 155 vs 185: Which Pour-Over Is Best for You?

The Kalita Wave 155 and 185 are two different sizes of the same easy-to-use and approachable pour-over brewer. Choose the best brewer size option for your kitchen based on the volume of coffee you like to brew.

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Coffee lovers of the pour-over persuasion might be interested in adding the functional, attractive, and user-friendly Kalita Wave to their collection.

To decide whether the 155 or 185 model is the better fit for your kitchen, check out the table below for a quick look at the particulars of each dripper. After that, read on for our more detailed overview of the 155 vs the 185.

kalita wave 155 vs 185

Kalita: Bringing At-home Coffee to Japan

Kalita Wave 155Kalita Wave 185
Brew Volume1-2 cups (18 g coffee/ 300 mL water)2-4 cups (30g coffee/ 500 mL water)
Materialglass, ceramic, stainless steel, plastic, or copperglass, ceramic, stainless steel, plastic, or copper
FiltersProprietary "wave" paper filtersProprietary "wave" paper filters
Are reusable filters available?Yes, from third-party sourcesYes, from third-party sources
Time to Brew3 minutes3.5 minutes
Dishwasher Safe?Yes (glass and stainless steel)Yes (glass and stainless steel)

Kalita is a Japanese manufacturer of drip-based coffee equipment. Established in 1958, this brand holds the title for bringing at-home coffee brewing to Japan. Prior to Kalita, coffee was available only at restaurants and coffee shops in Japan, so these products were revolutionary.

While they’ve been around for over six decades, this brand’s dedication to creating a quality product hasn’t changed. The company prides itself on being “Made in Japan” and uses Japanese materials and techniques to create products that are beautiful, high-quality, and functional.

KalitaUSA was launched in 2022 with the goal of improving the distribution of Kalita’s products in the United States. This is great news for those of us who can’t get enough unique brewing methods packed into our kitchens!

Kalita’s coffee brewers are pour-over-style – if you’ve ever used a Chemex or Hario, you’ll feel right at home with Kalita’s products. The company also sells gooseneck kettles and filters for their brewers.

The Wave line of pour-over coffee makers is known for being user-friendly and foolproof. A few unique features make this the case. First, the “wave” name comes from the filters, which feature vertical “waves,” not unlike your typical store-brand coffee filter. These waves allow the water to flow evenly through the filter for smooth extraction.

Kalita Wave brewers also have a flat bottom with three holes designed to let the coffee flow through the flat coffee bed at just the right rate. If you’ve ever been intimidated by other pour-over methods, you might enjoy using a Kalita Wave brewer.

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How To Use a Kalita Wave

Using the Kalita Wave is pretty straightforward, especially if you’re familiar with other pour-over coffee makers. Even if this is your maiden voyage, however, we think you’ll find it surprisingly simple!

Place your dripper on top of whatever vessel you’d like to brew into. Kalita sells a serving carafe, which is especially helpful when making more than a few servings at once. If you’re only making one cup of coffee, your favorite mug will do just fine.

Set the filter into the brewer and rinse the filter with hot water before brewing. This step is optional, but many people agree that it reduces the papery taste that a paper filter can sometimes impart.

Add your ground coffee to the filter. You’ll want around 30 grams of coffee, ground to about the consistency of table salt.

Add around 40 grams of water and allow the coffee to bloom for 45 seconds.

Add another 80 grams of hot water, using a circular pouring pattern.

After one minute, add another 130 grams of water for a total now of 250 grams. Wait one more minute, and complete one more pour for a total of 320 grams of water. Once all of the water has drained through the grounds, enjoy your delicious coffee!

Kalita Wave 155 vs 185

The Kalita Wave 155 and the Kalita Wave 185 are incredibly similar brewers; they differ only in their size.

Let’s take a look at the many features that these two coffee makers share.

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Similarities Between the Kalita Wave 155 and 185

No matter what material you prefer for your coffee maker, you can probably find a Kalita Wave that suits your preferences. The 155 and 185 models are both available in glass, stainless steel, copper, ceramic, and plastic.

These Japanese coffee makers have a conical shape with a flat bottom, and the coffee drips down from three holes in the bottom of the brewer.

The conical dripper sits on a flat base, which allows you to balance your Kalita Wave over a mug or any other vessel you want to brew your coffee into. There’s also an easy-to-grab handle on the side. The whole apparatus looks kind of like a teacup sitting on a saucer.

In the world of pour-over brew, the Kalita Wave 155 and 185 are regarded as easy to use. The flat bottom and three extraction holes allow the coffee to flow through quickly and evenly, which prevents your java from becoming over-extracted and bitter.

The glass and stainless steel versions of this drip coffee brewer are also dishwasher-safe, which is a plus for those who value quick and easy cleanup.

Making pour-over coffee is never as simple as loading your standard automatic drip coffee maker and walking away, but coffee drinkers who are pour-over-curious might find these coffee drippers approachable.

Differences Between the Kalita Wave 155 and 185

The only real difference between the Kalita Wave 155 and 185 is their size, so the best option for you really comes down to how much coffee you want to make at a time.

The Kalita 155 is designed to brew one to two cups of coffee at a time. If you live alone or you’re the only coffee drinker in the house, and you prefer to start your day with just one or two cups of Joe, this dripper might be just the right size for you.

This smaller dripper might also be the right choice for anyone who wants to pack their own coffee maker in order to travel with their favorite coffee supplies.

The Kalita Wave 185, on the other hand, is designed to brew two to four cups of coffee at a time. This size might be a better choice for households with more than one coffee drinker or for coffee lovers who just can’t stop at a cup or two.


When it comes to pour-over coffee makers, Kalita isn’t the only game in town. Check out how the Kalita Wave 155 and 185 compared to some of our other favorite pour-over systems.

Kalita Wave 155Kalita Wave 185Hario V60ChemexClever Coffee Dripper
Brew Volume1-2 cups2-4 cups3 sizes: 1-2 cups, 4 cups, and 6 cups3-10 cups, depending on model4 cups
Materialglass, ceramic, stainless steel, plastic, or copperglass, ceramic, stainless steel, plastic, or copperceramic (most popular), glass, or plasticglassBPA-free plastic
FiltersProprietary "wave" paper filtersProprietary "wave" paper filtersProprietary paper filtersProprietary paper filtersStandard #4 paper filter
Time to Brew3.5 minutes3.5 minutes3.5 minutes4-5 minutes3- 3.5 minutes
Dishwasher Safe?YesYesYes (remove the wooden holder from the glass version)Yes (collar removed)No

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use the Kalita Wave 155 and Kalita Wave 185 Filters Interchangeably?

The Kalita Wave 155 and Kalita Wave 185 filters are different sizes, so you’ll need to be sure to purchase the kind that matches your brewer – they can’t be used interchangeably.

Can You Use Regular Filters for a Kalita Wave?

Kalita Wave brewers use special, proprietary filters. The kind you see at the grocery store won’t fit or work properly. If you can’t find Kalita Wave filters or prefer a reusable option, there are some alternatives available.

Can You Clean the Kalita Wave Dripper?

Great news! The Kalita Wave dripper is dishwasher-safe, so just pop it in there and wash it away.

How Long Does the Kalita Wave Pour Take?

Your Kalita Wave pour should take three minutes.

Is Bigger Better for You?

When it comes to choosing a Kalita Wave 155 vs a Kalita Wave 185, consider how much coffee you want to make and drink at a time.

If you share your morning brew with another coffee lover or need a lot of caffeine to get up and running, you might prefer the Kalita Wave 185. It brews 2-4 cups of coffee at a time and it is perfect for sharing.

If you only want to make a cup or two at a time, the Kalita Wave 155 might be the best choice.

Happy Caffeinating!

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