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Frothing Coconut Milk: 3 Simple Methods

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For anyone who is lactose intolerant, prefers non-dairy milk, or simply wants to try something new, coconut milk is a wonderful alternative for any coffee beverage. While some alternatives to dairy milk, like oat milk, can be watery and difficult to steam or foam, coconut milk frothing is actually quite simple when following the proper tips and techniques.

Keep reading to learn more about frothing ordinary coconut milk and the main differences between cow and coconut milk.

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frothing coconut milk

The Differences Between Cow and Coconut Milk

The main difference between cow milk and coconut milk is that one comes from an animal, and the other is entirely plant-derived.

Standard dairy milk contains much more animal fat than coconut milk because it comes directly from the animal that produces the fat and uses it to feed its calves. If cow milk is not cut with water, full-fat cow milk is usually very thick and creamy.

Though it comes entirely from coconuts, coconut milk cream also has a high-fat content. This coconut fat is derived from the coconut oils within the coconut plant.

If it’s not cut with water or coconut juice of any kind, full-fat coconut milk is at least as thick and creamy in texture as milk from a cow, making it excellent for frothing.

Frothing with a Milk Steam Wand

Frothing coconut with a milk steam wand or electric milk frother is a great way to get coconut milk to look and feel like regular milk when using the foam in a coffee beverage like a latte or a cappuccino.

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To use a milk steam wand for frothing coconut milk, follow these steps:

Step 1

Get a metal container or bowl.

Step 2

Pour your desired amount of coconut milk into the vessel.

Step 3

Plug in the steam wand if not battery powered.

Step 4

Insert the steam wand halfway into the coconut milk and power it on.

Step 5

Move the wand in a circular motion as the coconut milk begins to heat up and bubble.

Step 6

Continue steaming until a layer of silk froth appears at the top. If bubbles appear, you can start this process over for a more velvety smooth froth layer.

Step 7

Add to a cup of coffee and enjoy!

Frothing Coconut Milk with an Espresso Machine

Another good way to froth your delicate coconut milk to become thick and velvety is to use the steaming feature on an espresso machine. Similar to a handheld steaming wand, using your espresso machine to froth coconut milk can be done by taking the following steps:

Step 1

Purge your machine’s steam wand into a clean hand towel to warm it up.

Step 2

Fill your metal pitcher with the desired amount of coconut milk.

Step 3

Hold your pitcher up to the wand and pull its lever.

Step 4

Insert the steam wand ⅓ of the way into the coconut milk.

Step 5

You will see soft foam forming. Continue steaming until you get your desired level of froth.

Step 6

Turn the wand off before removing the milk pitcher.

Step 7

Pour your heated coconut milk into a cup and add espresso.

Step 8

Top with the coconut foam and enjoy!

The Coconut Milk Jar Frothing Method

The third best way to froth coconut milk is for those who prefer a more manual method. Rather than using a frother, espresso machine, or steam wand, all you will need is a large glass mason jar with an airtight lid and your desired amount of coconut milk.

To use the jar frothing method for your coconut milk, simply follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Make sure your jar is warm or at room temperature.

Step 2

Pour your coconut milk into the mason jar. Make sure to leave a few inches of room at the top.

Step 3

Screw on the lid tightly.

Step 4

Lift the jar of coconut milk and shake it back and forth. You must do this as hard as possible and as quickly as possible until the milk turns into a froth. If you use warmer milk, it will froth in less time.

Step 5

When your coconut milk is fully frothed, let it rest for a few seconds before unscrewing the lid.

Step 6

Pour onto a coffee beverage and enjoy!

Making Latte Art with Coconut Milk Froth

Frothing coconut milk can be a walk in the park, depending on your preferred method.

Whether you steam, wand, or shake your coconut milk into a frothy and foamy layer of thick goodness, making latte art with coconut milk foam is just like making latte art with regular milk froth. 

If you want to add foam on top or play with latte art at home, make sure to choose a high-quality milk pitcher with a very sharp spout.

This way, with a little practice, all your (better tasting) coffee beverage inspirations will easily be able to come to life. 

Happy Frothing!

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