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Panera Coffee Subscription Review: Unlimited Sips of Perfection

If you enjoy the fresh high-quality coffee from Panera Bread, there’s an unlimited coffee subscription that lets you enjoy as much of it as you want for a good price.

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It may be surprising to know that Panera Bread is one of the few fast-food chains that actually has some pretty good coffee. They care about the quality of the coffee which they serve and even sell bags of it for you to use at home.

Now, if you were already familiar with the tasty beans from Panera, you may be happy to know that there’s also a Panera Bread unlimited coffee subscription for their regular coffee and a few of the other yummy sips that they carry.

So, if you’re curious about Panera Bread’s coffee, their subscription, or both, stick around because we’re going to give you the rundown on all of it!

Panera Coffee Subscription Review

Panera Bread Coffee

When it comes to coffee, Panera cares. I mean their food is also amazing, but we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here to delve into the scrumptious caffeine that they offer!

Panera sources high-quality coffee from Central and South America, which is picked at perfect ripeness. After that, the beans are extracted, sorted to ensure perfection, and then they are roasted to create the light roast and dark roast coffees that Panera sells.

When it comes to the hot coffee that they brew fresh every day in their stores, they use a four-chamber purification system to filter the water used for the brewing, ensuring an even more perfect cup of coffee.

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Panera Bread Coffee Subscription

Panera Coffee Subscription
Panera Coffee Subscription
Our rating:

At Panera, we think coffee should taste good, smell good, feel good. It should be clean – just like our food. That’s why every day in our cafes we brew from 100 percent Arabica beans, roasted by people who know how to make great coffee. And we think you deserve all those great tastes, smells, and feels where you are, too.

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Now that you know a little bit about the coffee that Panera sells (if you didn’t know already) let’s look into the Panera Coffee subscription. Well, Panera actually calls the subscription their Unlimited Sip Club since it includes a bit more than just coffee.

With the Unlimited Sip Club, you can get one beverage of either a charged lemonade, drip coffee, iced coffee, tea, or fountain drink every two hours, with unlimited refills of that same beverage if you’re in a Panera Bread cafe. This drink can be in any size you prefer, but it does not include cold brew coffee, espresso drinks, and a few other beverages that don’t fall under the categories above.

Even with the subscription, you may occasionally get free beverage rewards from the Panera Bread rewards system. You can still use these rewards on beverages not included in your subscription or even on additional drinks.

How to Sign Up for Panera’s Unlimited Sip Club

If you’re interested so far in Panera’s subscription service, you can sign up on their website or even in person at one of their cafes. To sign up for the subscription, you do need to be a member of the MyPanera rewards program, but that’s an easy and free process, and very rewarding!

Even if you become a part of the Unlimited Sip Club, you can still earn your regular rewards as long as you’re making a purchase. Either way, you’re able to redeem your subscription at any cafe or online just as you would the regular loyalty program, by using your phone number or MyPanera account.

At the time of writing, the monthly subscription costs about $11.99 a month, but we suggest checking Panera’s website for accurate pricing. After purchase, the Unlimited Sip Club subscription will automatically renew on your credit card every thirty days, the date dependent on when you signed up.

If you’re not enjoying your Panera subscription, though we can’t see why since the benefits are amazing, you can always cancel. Just log on to your account and go into the Subscription tab to do so. However, you cannot receive a refund if you decide not to use your subscription for a time, so we suggest just canceling if you don’t see yourself using the unlimited drinks often enough.

Is the Panera Coffee Subscription a Good Deal?

As we mentioned above, whether or not the Panera Unlimited Sip Club subscription is a good deal for you entirely depends on how often you plan on getting your beverages from Panera. We definitely recommend doing so because Panera has delicious and refreshing drinks included in the subscription; whether it be their teas, lemonades, fountain drinks, iced coffee, or drip coffee.

Now, since this subscription’s eligible beverages only include their drip and iced coffee and not their espresso, specialty coffee drinks, or cold brews, you may be turned off from it. Although as we explained earlier, their regular coffee is handled with care, chosen at the highest quality, and roasted to perfection.

So, if you find yourself going to Panera Bread quite often, you really enjoy their regular coffee, or even their teas and lemonades, you might find their subscription service to be a good deal. I mean with the unlimitedness that comes with it, you really are getting a bang for your buck!

Panera Coffee Subscription
Panera Coffee Subscription
Our rating:

At Panera, we think coffee should taste good, smell good, feel good. It should be clean – just like our food. That’s why every day in our cafes we brew from 100 percent Arabica beans, roasted by people who know how to make great coffee. And we think you deserve all those great tastes, smells, and feels where you are, too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To sum up the answers to the questions you may have regarding the Panera coffee subscription, here are just a few of them explained.

What Drinks are Included in Panera Coffee Subscription?

As far as coffee goes, Panera only includes their regular hot and iced coffee in the subscription, not any espresso-based drinks or cold brews. However, they also include their teas, lemonades, and fountain drinks in the subscription service.

Does Panera Coffee Subscription Include Lattes?

Unfortunately, no. Since a latte is an espresso-based drink, this beverage is not included in the Panera coffee subscription.

How Do I Cancel My Panera Subscription?

If the Panera subscription isn’t working for you, it’s super easy to cancel it. All you have to do is sign into your Panera account, go to the subscription tab, and cancel from there.

How Often Can You Get Panera Coffee Subscription?

You’re able to redeem your subscription by getting a beverage every two hours, with unlimited free refills on that beverage while you’re in a Panera cafe. The subscription’s billing cycle runs on a month-by-month basis unless you choose to cancel.

Can You Use Panera Coffee Subscription in Drive-Thru?

Yes! As long as you have your app ready to redeem your subscription’s free drink, you can use it in Panera’s drive-thru.

Panera Coffee Subscription – Final Thoughts

Overall, Panera Bread is a good place to look for fast-food restaurant coffee considering how much effort they put into making sure each bag of beans and cup of brewed coffee is handled with care and perfection. If you haven’t tried it before, we recommend giving it a go!

And if you have, then you may be interested in trying their Unlimited Sip Club, which works as a coffee subscription. Though you may only get their drip and iced coffee in this service and not their espresso drinks or cold brew, you do also get the option of unlimited teas, lemonades, and fountain drinks.

Not to mention, if you tend to go to Panera a lot, this deal is really worth the money. I mean unlimited delicious drinks for the price of about two or three? Sign me up!

Happy Caffeinating!

Panera Coffee Subscription Review: Unlimited Sips of Perfection
Panera Coffee Subscription Review 2

A Panera Coffee subscription review; including everything they offer, how to sign up, and why it's a great coffee option.

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