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Clark Giraldez

Clark grew up in Nyack, NY, and is now based in Philadelphia, PA. Coffee has always been a part of his family and since high school, he's enjoyed sharing a ritual “coffee break” with his Mom. Whether he's looking for new cafes in NYC or Philly, or brewing a cup at home, he always finds coffee is best shared.

At home, Clark uses a french press, cold brew, and Moka pot, but by far, his favorite way to make coffee is with his Gaggia Classic espresso machine. Clark makes himself a straight double shot of espresso every morning and it’s his favorite drink. Clark loves to grind fresh whole beans from local roasters in Philly.

When he's not writing about coffee, Clark works in the healthcare industry as a mechanical engineer. He hopes to one day combine his passion for coffee and espresso with his technical skills and education in engineering. Clark's dream is to have a full-time career in coffee.

Clark - Roasty Writer

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