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The Best Espresso Knock Box For Your Home Coffee Bar

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Pulling a shot of espresso with your coffee machine means you’re focused on the coffee, the pressure, the time to brew, and finally, the crema in your glass.

But after enjoying your shot, you’re left with a wet puck of leftover coffee grounds. You can dump coffee pucks into your trash can, but they might leak through, combine with other garbage and stink up the kitchen, or you might have accidental puck splatter when emptying your portafilter.

Using an espresso knock box eliminates all of these problems for coffee lovers. The average knock box, sometimes called a puck box, is a dedicated box for coffee waste.

When you’ve pulled your shot, you knock the espresso puck into a box or bucket. It’s easy to use, so you’re ready to brew another shot immediately.

At a Glance: Best Espresso Knock Box

best espresso knock box

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Quick Summary: Best Espresso Knock Box

Espresso Knock Box Large Coffee Knock Box Espresso Dump Bin with Metal Bar and Non-Slip Base...SUJUDE Large Espresso Knock Box Dump Bin
  • Large Openning
  • Rubber and metal
  • Non-Slip Base
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HOMEE Coffee Knock Box 4.8 Inch Shock-Absorbent Durable Barista Style Knock Box With Removable Knock...HOMEE Shock-Absorbant Espresso Knock Box
  • 4.8inch
  • Removable Knock Bar
  • Non-slip rubber pad
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Breville Knock Box Mini, Stainless Steel, BES001XLBreville Stainless Steel Knock Box
  • Stainless Steel
  • Anti-slip rubber grip
  • No-mess coffee puck removal
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homeffect Knock Box for Coffee Grounds - Innovative Barista Accessory with Improved Handling -...Homeffect Knock Box
  • Clean Knocking Off
  • Diameter 4.8 inch
  • Suitable for the dishwasher
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Wiyos Espresso Coffee Knock Box Drawer Stainless Steel Large Size High Bearing Capacity For Home and...Wiyos Stainless Steel Espresso Knock Box Drawer
  • Stainless steel plate
  • Rubber main rod
  • Antiskid foot pads
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An espresso knock box might sound like an essential accessory for your espresso maker, but there are many different designs and styles on the market. Make sure you know the pros and cons of each choice before buying to include in your coffee routine.

SUJUDE Large Espresso Knock Box Dump Bin

This trusty knock box dump bin from SUJUDE looks basic, but it gets the job done. The bucket has a low-cut front to prevent residual coffee grounds from spilling. The company covered the metal bar with shock-absorbent rubber.

The metal exterior is die-cast aluminum with a matte black finish. The bottom has an anti-slip rubber grip on the bottom that provides shock absorption, so it stays in one place even when you’re emptying your portafilter into it.

You can choose between three sizes of this portable model: the 4.4-inch diameter compact size and the 4.8-inch diameter or 5.8-inch diameter larger knock boxes. 

This affordable knock box is worth the value because it includes accessories. A two-in-one tool combines a scoop with a brush so you can get the ground coffee out of the hard-to-reach edges of this bin.

The included cleaning towel provides you with a dedicated rag to clean your knock box.

Things We Like

  • Choose from different capacities for your needs
  • Includes a scoop, brush, and extra cleaning towel
  • A smooth interior makes it easy to clean

Things We Don’t Like

  • The bar in the larger diameter knock box isn’t as sturdy and bends over time

HOMEE Shock-Absorbant Espresso Knock Box

On Sale

The HOMEE knock box has a similar, simple design to the SUJUDE, with a few upgrades. This durable bin is made of sturdy ABS plastic, while the interior prevents bacteria and mold growth. 

The bottom has a non-slip ring to keep it in place while you’re using it. The rubber gasket also prevents the knock box from scratching your kitchen counter or table.

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The removable knock bar is easy to insert and remove because nothing holds it in place at the top. However, it’s made of metal covered in a durable rubber sleeve, so it’s heavy enough to stay in place.

The basic round HOMEE knock box provides everything you need and is the most affordable. You can even customize this bin to an extent. The company offers a sturdy knock bar entirely covered in rubber and one with metal ends. 

It only comes in two color options: black and silver. But, you can choose between round or square bins. The shape of the container doesn’t change the size and capacity much, so determine what will fit in best with your kitchen decor.

Things We Like

  • A durable knock bar is easy to remove and clean
  • Different size and shape options with the same capacity
  • Special ABS plastic prevents mold and bacteria growth

Things We Don’t Like

  • Knock bar can bounce out of place if you hit it too hard

Breville Stainless Steel Knock Box

Breville is a big name in kitchen appliances, so you know you’re getting good quality with this amazing knock box.

The outside is a classic design made from stainless steel with an anti-slip grip on the bottom. The interior matte black coating makes it easy to clean.

You can choose two options of Breville knock box: standard and mini. The standard is 6 by 7 by 7 inches in size with a removable interior for ease of cleaning. The mini is 4 by 4.5 by 4 inches and is all one piece.

Things We Like

  • The stainless steel exterior looks nice with other appliances
  • Two perfect size options to meet your needs
  • Non-slip bottoms keep it in place on the counter

Things We Don’t Like 

  • The built-in knock bar is set too high, causing bits of coffee grounds to splatter out 

Homeffect Knock Box

On Sale

This sturdy knock box catches your eye right away because it looks like it’s missing one vital piece: the knock bar. However, Homeffect is using a clever design for their knock box.

Instead of using a removable bar, the company built on a small ledge to knock the portafilter against.

While knock boxes with knock rods placed in the right location don’t cause a mess, some do. If the rod is too high or the sides are too low, you might find that coffee grounds spill even when you’re trying to be careful.

The ledge on this knock box sticks out just enough to give you something to knock the portafilter against. It doesn’t get in the way of the puck as it falls, so no grounds separate and scatter across the countertop.

Since the Homeffect knock box uses a minimalist design and comes in one piece, you can put the whole box in the dishwasher when you need to clean it.

Things We Like

  • A clean, minimalist look is attractive in every kitchen
  • Unique design eliminates the need for a knock bar
  • Can wash in the dishwasher

Things We Don’t Like

  • The lack of a knock bar means the basket can fall out of the portafilter along with the puck

Wiyos Stainless Steel Espresso Knock Box Drawer

The traditional coffee knock box style requires additional counter space. Even if you keep it in a cabinet with a trash can, the round or square bins take up a lot of space. The answer is to choose a knock box drawer.

Because these stationary models use more materials to form the moving drawer and its case, they’re more expensive than bin knock boxes.

However, considering the bench space you save and how nice the drawers look on your counter, it’s worth the investment.

Homeffect made their knock box drawer from sturdy stainless steel, so you can place your espresso machine or coffee grinder on top of it and save even more space.

The top plate has holes drilled to let the heat from the grounds escape, so you don’t have to worry about mold forming from the moisture.

Though it’s a drawer, these knock boxes still have a rubber knock bar inside. Pull open the drawer and knock the portafilter against the rod, so the puck falls into the drawer.

There are rubber feet on each corner of the drawer to keep it in place on your counter.

Things We Like

  • Holes allow heat and moisture to escape the drawer
  • Drawer design looks sleek in the kitchen and takes up less space
  • The removable drawer and food-safe rubber bar enable you to clean both easily

Things We Don’t Like

  • Most expensive options on this list

Features of a Quality Espresso Knock Box

After checking out our five favorite knock boxes, you might have questions about what makes them such popular choices. Learning about knock box basics will help you understand what to look for when buying this accessory.


Knock boxes are available in various capacities, so this comes down to your personal preference. Consider how much coffee you make in a day and make that your baseline. 

If you don’t want to empty the knock box every day, you should double your daily use and have that as your lowest capacity.

Capacity affects the ideal size, so consider where you’ll keep the knock box and how much space you have for storage.

If you want an attractive knock box to keep on the counter beside your machine, you might not be able to buy one that’s as large as you’d like.

If you’re storing your knock box in a cabinet or beside your trash can, you can choose something larger. Check the dimensions on each listing before you buy one.


Knock boxes are pretty basic, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy something if you don’t like how it looks. The black ABS plastic models on this list will look great in any environment. If you want something more attractive, consider stainless steel. 

The knock box’s design will also impact its shape. You can choose from round, square, or rectangular containers.

If you want something that won’t stand out in the kitchen, consider those designed to look like a drawer. They’ll stay tucked out of sight but always be right where you need them.


Knock boxes are sturdy because they can withstand a lot of abuse. Still, you don’t want to buy something that will crack over time. Some reinforced plastic knock boxes are durable enough to use without worry.

If you use your knock box daily or multiple times a day, you might want to upgrade. Die-cast aluminum, stainless steel, or tough ABS plastic reinforced with slip-resistant material are sturdy choices. 

They’re heavier than a plastic version, and with non-slip bottoms, you can be sure they’ll stay in place while you use them.

Ease of Use

It’s not hard to tap your portafilter against the edge of a trash can, but if you have a liner inside, it might rip from the contact. Knock boxes are easy to use because they have a sturdy bar made to knock the portafilter against.

They’re also quick to use because you can store them right next to your espresso machine. If you’re making several drinks in a row, having a knock box means you can empty your portafilter and pull your next shot that much faster.


You can dump the grounds into your compost pile or trash can when your knock box is full. If moisture remains, rinse it out and let it air dry.

When you dump moist grounds back to back, empty the knock box even if it isn’t full. This will prevent mold from growing.

Most knock boxes are dishwasher safe after you remove the knock bar. However, it’s not hard to clean them by hand using warm water and dish soap. Depending on how much use it gets, you only need to wash your box once or twice a week.

Knock boxes are easy enough to clean, and you’ll also benefit from not having to wash out your kitchen trash can as much. You also won’t have to worry about coffee grounds clogging your sink.


Now you know what a knock box is and how it can streamline your espresso brewing process. In case you have any unresolved questions, check out these quick answers.

Do You Need an Espresso Knock Box?

No, you don’t need an espresso knock box. Though there are a lot of espresso bar accessories you don’t need, they make your brewing experience much better.

Knock boxes help you keep coffee grounds in one location so they don’t leak through your kitchen trash or scatter across your counter and floor.

Are Knock Boxes Worth It?

Yes. A knock box keeps your kitchen clean and prevents you from constantly taking coffee grounds outside to dispose of them. You’re able to keep them in the knock box until it’s full.

Depending on the size of the knock box you choose, this can save you dozens of trips outside.

Instead of dumping your knock box into the trash, consider adding your used espresso grounds to a compost bin so they’ll turn into natural fertilizer for your plants.

They add organic matter and nutrients to the soil to help plants thrive.

Do Knock Boxes Smell?

No, and this is just one reason you should invest in this affordable accessory. The way they’re built prevents the coffee odor from permeating your kitchen. 

Instead of letting your coffee grounds seep into your trash and create strong smells, it keeps the coffee separate. 

Wrap Up

Choosing the perfect knock box (or bash bin in some areas) depends on your needs. Our favorite option is the Wiyos Stainless Steel Espresso Knock Box Drawer. It looks sleek on your counter and is easy to clean. 

If you prefer a bin, try the Homeffect Knock Box for its innovative design. The lack of a knock bar makes this model an excellent choice that is easy to use and clean.

Keeping an espresso knock box on your counter makes the cleaning process a breeze. There are different sizes and styles of bins that look great in your kitchen. 

You can’t go wrong with any of the knock box picks on this list.

Happy Caffeinating!

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