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Where To Buy Chemex Filters

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So, you’ve run out of Chemex filters—and you badly need your coffee. Well, remember, don’t fall for imitations. Coffee filters can make a difference in your whole coffee experience. So, never settle for less.  We scoured the internet to find where to buy Chemex paper filters at a reasonable price. Chemex also makes a metal filter, but that’s a topic for another day.

Known to give you a pure coffee experience, Chemex is perfect for brewing a cup of coffee. Also assisting in creating this clean taste are the Chemex paper filters, which offer a full-bodied, more decadent, and more robust flavor without bitterness.

It is no wonder why Chemex filters are out of stock in several shops around the world. Aside from the surging demand for these products, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused disruptions in production and this unprecedented filter shortage. The effect means that the current price has gone way up, with some resellers selling boxes of filters in a price range from $10 up to $60.

Chemex Filter

Where to Buy Chemex Filters

Although filter shortages are unfortunately common, here’s a list of where to buy Chemex filters online.

Chemex Coffee Maker

Shop for Chemex filters from the manufacturer itself, Chemex Coffee Maker. They have around 1,600 retail stores worldwide and sell all types of Chemex bonded filters: pre-folded, unfolded, and unfolded half-moon. Due to high demand, online purchases are limited to four boxes per order.

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Shoppers all around the world go to Amazon to find whatever they want to buy online. Thankfully, Amazon never runs out of Chemex filters. You can find all types of Chemex bonded filters, Chemex coffee makers, and a 10-cup Chemex carafe. If you’re lucky, you can get fast and free shipping, which is also why customers always choose the platform.

World Market

World Market currently sells  Chemex Natural Brown Coffee Filters (FSU-100). Each box has 100 Chemex filters. These filters made from unbleached paper are used with the Chemex 8-Cup Glass Handle Coffee Maker, which is sold separately.

Seattle Coffee Gear

If you live near Kirkland or Lynnwood in WA, look no further than Seattle Coffee Gear. They currently sell pre-folded square filter 100-pack (FS-100) and offer Chemex coffee makers, cleaners, and mugs. Seattle Coffee Gear also ships to wherever you are, but only if you’re in the US.

Prima Coffee Equipment

Prima Coffee Equipment sells boxes of  Chemex Bonded White Square Coffee Filters (FS-100) Chemex Bonded Natural Brown Coffee Filters (FSU-100), and  Chemex Bonded 13″ Half-Moon Coffee Filters (FP-2). Each box contains 100 filters. Additionally, they sell Chemex coffee makers in the classic and glass handle series and are available in 3, 6, 8, and 10-cup versions.

Manila Coffee Gear

Hailing from SouthEast Asia, Manila Coffee Gear in the Philippines sells  Chemex pre-folded circle filters (FS-100), which fit most cone-shaped filter coffee makers.

Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma currently sells Chemex natural pre-folded square filters and offers free shipping. They sell the filters by 4’s or in bulk packaging, with each pack having 100 filters. You can also buy in monthly payments for orders over $100.

Alternative Brewing

If you’re trying to buy Chemex filters in Australia, look no further than Alternative Brewing. It is the most extensive online coffee brewing equipment and accessory retailer in Australia. They currently sell all types of Chemex filters and offer fast delivery to most areas in Australia and their overseas customers worldwide.

Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee currently sells  Chemex pre-folded square filters (FC-100). These filters fit almost all Chemex coffee makers and other conical filter coffee makers. They also sell various styles of Chemex coffee brewers, particularly the Chemex 6-cup brewer.

Peet’s Coffee

Known for its fair pricing and reasonable shipping, Peet’s Coffee can be your next go-to place if you’re looking to buy Chemex filters. They currently sell by the box of 100 the  Chemex 8-cup natural coffee filters, which fit all Chemex coffee makers except for CM-1, CM-1C, CM-1GH, CM-FNX, and the  Chemex unfolded half-moon filters, which fit CM-1, CM1C, CM1GH. They also offer a 10% discount on your shipping fees if you subscribe to their newsletter.


Located in Europe, Essence Coffee offers various quality coffee filters. They currently sell the Chemex classic filters (FC-100), which fit all models of Chemex coffee makers. You can also earn Essence points which you can use as a discount on your next purchase.

Peace Coffee

Peace Coffee currently sells  Chemex pre-folded square filters (FS-100 filter pack) to fit a Chemex 6-cup coffee maker. Like the others, each pack contains 100 pieces of oxygen-bleached filters. They also sell a Chemex 6-cup coffee maker separately.

Ratio Coffee

Ratio Coffee sells the Chemex Round Pre-folded Filters (FC-100) for their Ratio 8 glass carafes and thermal drippers. They have a one box per order limit due to high demand.

Camber Coffee

Camber Coffee sells Chemex Square Pre-folded White Filters (FC-100). They also sell Chemex 6-cup brewer, bundled with a 12-oz bag of Mosaic Blend for only $60.

Ponaire Coffee

Ponaire Coffee Roastery and Café in Ireland currently sells the Chemex pre-folded filters for 1-3 Cup Brewer. If you are in Ireland, you get free shipping if you spend over €50.

Crema Shop

Crema is a Finnish shop specializing in coffee. They have a physical store in Helsinki, Finland and now deliver products to all EU countries. Their webshop currently sells all types of Chemex coffee filters as well as Chemex coffee makers. They also provide special offers, so subscribe to their newsletters to receive updates.

Coffee Supreme

Coffee Supreme is another independent roaster serving customers across Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Their webshop currently sells three types of Chemex coffee filters. These include the  FP-2 – for the 3-cup Chemex coffee maker and the FC-100 or FS-100 for the 6, 8, and 10-cup Chemex coffee makers.

Toby’s Estate

If you are buying Chemex filters in Sydney, look no further than Toby’s Estate. This company has three premium locations in Chippendale, Castlereagh, and the Barangaroo district. They currently sell  Chemex 6 Cup White Filters, and each box contains 100 coffee filters.

Underground Coffee

Underground Coffee currently sells  Chemex 3-cup bonded filters in stocks. Although this isn’t suitable for the 6-cup classic model, it fits the Chemex coffeemakers CM-1, CM-1C, and CM-1GH.

Have More Leads?

The next time you wake up, and you’re out of Chemex filters, and your metal cone filter is missing, don’t worry. It’s still going to be a tremendous coffee-filled morning if you buy from any of the stores above. If you have more leads on a Chemex filter reseller,  let us know, and we’ll update our list.

Happy Caffeinating!

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