Learn to make barista-level coffee from home

The Home Barista Coffee Course is a 14-lesson video course about brewing amazing coffee. Stream or download the entire course to learn how to make coffee as good as your local barista for a fraction of the cost.

You don’t need to be a trained barista to make coffee-shop quality coffee

In this video course, we break down how to use all the barista-level coffee equipment. You’ll learn how to find, brew, and enjoy the best coffee on the planet.

  • 1. Home barista introduction
  • 2. How to buy and store coffee beans
  • 3. How to measure coffee and water
  • 4. How to grid coffee beans
  • 5. How to use a French press
  • 6. How to use an areopress
  • 7. How to use a chemex
  • 8. How to use a pour over coffee maker
  • 9. How to use a drip coffee maker
  • 10. How to use a moka pot (advanced)
  • 11. How to make cold brew (advanced)
  • 12. How to make iced coffee (advanced)
  • 13. How to make espresso (advanced)
  • 14. BONUS: How to froth milk

Making The Best Brewed Coffee At Home Is Easier Than You Think

Here’s a secret: you have access to the same coffee and equipment the trained baristas at your local coffee shop do. And you don’t have to go through intense training to make barista-quality coffee. All you need is a few key lessons.

There’s no reason you can’t have an excellent cup of coffee every day for a fraction of the cost!

We put together this online video course to teach you the many ways you can find and brew great coffee at home and put every barista to shame. Plus, you’ll never drink a bad cup of coffee again after taking this course. We promise!

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Matt Enjoying Cold Brew Coffee

About Matt Giovanisci & This Course

This online video course was created and hosted by Matt along with his coffee-loving partners. He started RoastyCoffee.com in 2014 because he loves coffee and wanted a website dedicated to crafting great coffee at home. Matt grew up in southern New Jersey where the lack of amazing coffee shops forced him to drive to Philadelphia to get a decent cup. He’s since moved to Boulder, Colorado where the coffee flows like patchouli oil, and continues to promote making the best cup of coffee possible at home.

Every morning Matt brews local unwashed Boulder coffee using either an Oxo Barista Brain drip coffee maker or a Chemex pour-over system.

Common Questions

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Learn to make barista-level coffee from home

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