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Non-coffee Drinks at Dutch Bros and Their Variations

If you’re looking for delicious non-coffee drink options, Dutch Bros has you covered with their extensive range of refreshingly sweet and decadently rich sips.

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If you’re like us, you most likely don’t just stop by Dutch Bros Coffee for their coffee. While they have some pretty delicious coffee drink options, there’s no denying the non-coffee drinks are just as tasty if not more so.

Plus, there are so many different types and flavors to choose from! With how extensive their menu is, we understand it can get a bit overwhelming. Worry not, though, because we’ve put together a pretty comprehensive list for you.

Non Coffee Drinks at Dutch Bros

Non-Coffee Drinks at Dutch Bros

Without further ado, here are all the coffee-free drink options available on the Dutch Bros menu and some pretty popular ways to customize them for a truly tasty experience.

Dutch Bros Rebel Energy Drink

Starting off strong, in the most literal sense, let’s take a look at the Dutch Bros Rebel Energy Drink. This is an energy drink that was actually created by the Dutch Bros company. The flavor options are nearly endless, and you can even get it sugar-free. Not to mention, if you prefer it frozen over iced, you can ask to have the drink blended.

Here are just a few popular ways to get the Rebel Energy Drink:

Electric Berry

As the name states, this is an electrifying way to add to the already energizing drink. Mixed into the Dutch Bros Rebel is lime syrup and blue raspberry syrup. You end up with a vibrant green drink that you just know will wake you up in no time!


If electric wasn’t enough, the Aftershock Rebel Energy is a step up. This energy drink is made with a delicious combination of strawberry syrup, blackberry syrup, raspberry syrup, and lime syrup. Bright red, fruity, and full of flavor, it’s definitely a popular beverage for a reason.

Dutch Bros Drinks
Image Credit: Giorgio Trovato at Unsplash

Shark Attack

A rather fun pick is the Shark Attack, which has a colorful gradient of blueish-green to red to represent its name. The syrups included in this boosting beverage are blue raspberry, coconut, and lime. On top, you get a bright red layer of pomegranate syrup.


For a more simple and sweet option, the Peach Dutch Bros Rebel Energy Drink is the way to go. Solely sweetened with peach syrup, there isn’t much surprise since you know what you’re getting. But the yummy taste of the fruity sip is enough to get you through the afternoon.

Double Rainbro

As colorful as this drink sounds, the Double Rainbro is a lighter red color that’s full of bright and tasty flavors. This energetic beverage is mixed with strawberry syrup, peach syrup, and coconut syrup. The combination of the three is a perfect blend of sweet and fruity.

Midnight Rebel

Another red-hued beverage, the Midnight Rebel consists of two syrups that work beautifully together to create a deliciously sweet and refreshing energy drink. The blackberry syrup and the pomegranate syrup complement each other so well, you won’t want one without the other.

Dutch Frost

Next up on the list of non-coffee drinks is the Dutch Frost, which is the Dutch Bros take on a classic shake. So, if you’re looking for more of a dessert-based treat, we recommend picking one of the many delicious flavors they have available for this blended beverage.

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Here are some of the most tasty picks:


One of the most classic shakes is a strawberry shake, so it’s no surprise that the Strawberry Dutch Frost is just as popular. A cup of creamy frozen goodness paired with a sweet and fruity strawberry syrup and topped with a layer of whipped cream? Count us in!

Cotton Candy

The Cotton Candy Dutch Frost is one that tastes as good as it sounds. This ice cream shake is blended with blue raspberry syrup as well as white chocolate sauce, giving it a sweet taste reminiscent of cotton candy. To finish it off, you get a delicious topping of whipped cream.


If you’re a fan of creamy and minty ice cream shakes, the Ninja Dutch Frost is your next favorite drink. Made with a creme de menthe syrup and a white chocolate sauce, and topped with whipped cream, this frozen beverage is truly a specialty.


Maybe you prefer a sweet and spiced dessert. In that case, we’d suggest the Snickerdoodle Dutch Frost. Blended with cinnamon, chocolate macadamia nut, and white chocolate, with a finishing of whipped cream and cinnamon powder, this is a drink that perfectly resembles the tasty cookie.

White Chocolate

Much like the strawberry flavor, the White Chocolate Dutch Frost is a simplistic yet delicious frozen drink that’s only made with a white chocolate sauce and a yummy layer of whipped cream on top. The flavor is sweet, decadent, rich, and creamy all rolled into one.


Moving onto a drink that can be served iced or hot for either a refreshing sip or a warm and comforting cup, the Dutch Bros Tea can be infused with delicious syrups no matter how you order it. The popular coffee chain uses high-quality Organic Green Tea and Paris Black Tea in most of their tea options.

Here are a few of the most popular flavors as well as some of their other teas:

Passion Fruit

Order a green tea or Paris black tea and sweeten it up with the delicious island taste of Passion Fruit. The passion fruit syrup complements the tea perfectly, whether you get iced or hot. Not to mention, the tropical yellow hue really brings this drink together.

Dutch Bros
Image Credit: Nicolas Nieves-Quiroz at Unsplash


Speaking of tropical flavors, the actual Tropical Tea at Dutch Bros combines not only passion fruit syrup but also coconut syrup and blue raspberry syrup, into a green tea or Paris black tea of your choice. Once again, you can order this iced or hot, but we really recommend getting it iced for an ocean water experience.

Decaf Ceylon Tea

If you still want a delicious tea without any of the caffeine, Dutch Bros also carries a Decaf Ceylon Tea. This is a rich and sweet black tea that’s been decaffeinated, but is still full of tangy and citrusy flavor and has a smooth body.

Early Grey Tea

A classic tea that’s a favorite among many, Earl Grey Tea can also be found at Dutch Bros. This is a black tea that’s been flavored with oil from the rind of a bergamot orange, giving the blend a unique citrusy flavor that has hints of floral to it.

Paris Tea

One of the main teas typically served as an option to add flavors to is the Paris Tea. This is a black tea that has flavors of vanilla, caramel, black currant, and bergamot. It’s a delicious drink on its own, but great as a base for other flavors to be added to it.

Green Tea

The other tea that Dutch Bros uses as a base option in many of their flavored picks is their Organic Green Tea, which is actually a Citrus Ginko Green Tea. This consists of green tea, lemongrass, ginkgo leaves, and a natural citrus flavor.

Hot Cinnamon Spice

One of the more flavorful teas on its own is the Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea. This is a blend of black teas that are paired with cinnamon, orange peel, and sweet cloves. With this drink, you get a sweet, spiced, decadent, warm, and comforting experience.


Taking a step back to some delicious and sweet blended drinks, the Smoothies at Dutch Bros aren’t as decadent as the Dutch Frosts, but they are pretty yummy frozen beverages. There are only four flavor options available for this drink since they’re actually made with real fruit purée and juice.

Here are all of the smoothie flavors that you can get:


There’s no denying that Peach Smoothies are fruity and filled with a uniquely sweet peach flavor. If you enjoy the way this stone fruit tastes, you’ll love this smoothie option. Plus, it’s even topped with whipped cream to make it more of a treat.


When it comes to these fruity drinks, nearly everyone loves a nice Strawberry Smoothie. A sweet berry-flavored and pink-hued blended beverage topped with whipped cream is easily one of the most popular choices.


Just like the peach pick, the Mango Smoothie at Dutch Bros has a gorgeous yellow-orange color to it that you know is full of flavor. The tropical taste paired with some sweet whipped cream on top is the perfect way to enjoy your afternoon.

Green Apple

While it may not be your first pick for a smoothie, the Green Apple flavor is actually a deliciously sweet option with a bright green hue. With or without whipped cream, this drink is a great blend of tart and candied.


Speaking of tart, the next non-coffee drink on our list is the Dutch Bros Lemonade. This is sweet and refreshing and comes in a huge range of tasty flavors. Plus, you don’t have to limit yourself to just iced, you can also get your lemonade blended!

Here are some of the most popular combinations:

Palm Beach

The Palm Beach Lemonade is a vibrant pinky-red drink that features a delicious combination of pomegranate syrup and peach syrup. It’s a fruity, tart, and satisfying sip that will have you craving one during the late afternoon.


You simply can’t have lemonade without having a Strawberry Lemonade as an option. This is a classic and timeless flavor that’s the perfect blend of sweet and tart. Dutch Bros combines their signature lemonade with strawberry syrup and offers it both iced and blended.


However, strawberry isn’t the only berry-flavored option. The Raspberry Lemonade at Dutch Bros is another great pick that’s both sweet and sour. Take the deliciously refreshing lemonade and pair it with a raspberry syrup for a yummy treat!

Strawberry Pineapple

If you thought just plain strawberry was tasty enough, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the Strawberry Pineapple Lemonade. This is a lemonade drink that’s not only made with strawberry syrup but also pineapple syrup for a truly tropical twist.

Tiger’s Blood

Yet another way to alter the strawberry-flavored lemonade is the Dutch Bros’ Tiger’s Blood Lemonade. Much like the popular taste seen in snowcones, this drink is made with strawberry syrup and coconut syrup. It definitely satisfies the sweet tooth and will have you craving more!

Dutch Soda

Another refreshing beverage option available at Dutch Bros is the Dutch Soda. This is a caffeine-free drink that’s unique to their menu; a sparkling soda water with flavor infusion options of whatever suits your fancy.

However, here are just some of the best ones:

Electric Berry

We mentioned the Electric Berry flavor before, under the Rebel Energy Drinks. But we’re here to tell you that the flavor combination of lime syrup and blue raspberry syrup in the sparkling water tastes just as delicious and gives the feel of the energizing buzz without all of the caffeine.

OG Gummy Bear

With a name like OG Gummy Bear Dutch Soda, you’re right in assuming this pick is full of flavor. Made with a number of syrups including pomegranate, passion fruit, watermelon, and grapefruit, this sparkling soda water will leave your taste buds tingling!


For a more simple sparkling and refreshing drink, you could always go for the Watermelon Dutch Soda. Only made with a nice serving of watermelon syrup, it’s sweet enough to satisfy your cravings without being overwhelming.


Next up on our list of non-coffee drinks at Dutch Bros is the sweet and spiced Chai Lattes. These can be made hot or iced, but either way, you’re in for a scrumptious and comforting drink that comes in a variety of decadent flavor combinations.

Here are just a few of them:


Starting off simple and classic, the Dutch Bros’ Vanilla Chai Tea Latte is a comforting sip that has the addition of vanilla syrup and whatever milk you desire. Iced or hot, it’s a nice spiced drink that isn’t too much or too little. Plus, it’s great with some whipped cream on top!

Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle at Dutch Bros is a classic super sweet latte at the coffee shop, but you can also get this decadent flavor in your Chai Tea Latte. This is made with half and half, vanilla syrup, whipped cream, and a caramel drizzle. You can’t get more flavorful than that!

White Chocolate

A combination of simple and decadent, the White Chocolate Chai Tea Latte at Dutch Bros consists of chai, white chocolate sauce, and any milk of your choice. Whether you get it iced or hot, this is a creamy and rich choice made into the perfect drink with the addition of whipped cream.

White Zombie

Take the drink above up a notch by ordering the White Zombie Chai Latte, which is a chai-based beverage that’s not only made with white chocolate sauce but also some sweet vanilla syrup. Two chai favorites combined into one? Yes, please!

Dutch Cocoa

The last non-coffee drink from Dutch Bros on our list is a warm and cozy option that’s a favorite for chocolate lovers. The Dutch Cocoa features their tasty chocolate milk, which is steamed and mixed into any flavor of your choice. The customizations are endless and the flavor is immaculate.

Here are the most popular picks:

Double Chocolate

Forget just getting a regular Dutch Cocoa, if you’re gonna get it, you should go all the way! The Double Chocolate Dutch Cocoa is the perfect amount of decadent chocolatey goodness. Not only do you get the yummy steamed chocolate milk, but you also get the addition of extra chocolate sauce and a layer of whipped cream to finish.

Dutch Bros
Image Credit: Erik Zepeda at Pexels


For a more rich and sweet beverage, try ordering the Caramel Dutch Cocoa. This takes the creamy chocolate milk and combines it with the fan-favorite caramel sauce. Plus, a nice helping of whipped cream on top really ties it all together!

White Chocolate

If you thought double the chocolate was good, you’ll love the White Chocolate Dutch Cocoa. Alongside the rich steamed chocolate milk, you get the sweet complementing flavor of white chocolate syrup. Get some whipped cream on top and you have yourself a real treat!


Lastly, a simple yet sweet variation is the Vanilla Dutch Cocoa. The classic vanilla syrup paired with the creamy and decadent steamed chocolate milk is the perfect way to order a warm and comforting hot chocolate. You also can’t go wrong with a nice little layer of whipped cream topping.

Wrapping Up

With such an extensive list of non-coffee drink options available to order at Dutch Bros, you’re sure to find something you like there that doesn’t have to have anything to do with coffee. Not having coffee doesn’t mean not having something to boost your energy either, as they also have energy drinks, teas, and chai tea lattes that can give you some much-needed caffeine.

Refreshing and sweet or decadent and rich, they truly do have it all. Not to mention the wide variety of flavor combinations that you can add to pretty much any drink item on the menu. We’d be curious to see all that you can come up with!

Happy Caffeinating!

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