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Low-Acid Starbucks Coffee and More for Sensitive Stomachs

There are several different ways to order low-acid Starbucks coffee that will prevent stomach issues, acid reflux, and heartburn.

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If you’ve been restricted to a low-acid diet for health reasons, stomach issues, or personal preferences, you might be worried that there are a few things you have to give up, such as coffee—specifically, your beloved Starbucks run.

Don’t stress too much, though, because there are actually a few low-acid drink options available at Starbucks. The variety of customizations in combination with the Arabica beans used at the coffee chain allows for many ways to order a low-acid caffeinated treat.

low acid starbucks coffee

Low-Acid Starbucks Coffee Drinks

The following list of beverages includes low-acid sips that you can order at your local Starbucks cafe or purchase from their collection of retail selections.

Sumatra Dark Roast Coffee

First up is the Sumatra Dark Roast Coffee from Starbucks, which is a regular coffee that definitely contains a low amount of acid. It’s made with 100% Arabica beans that provide a bold and intense flavor without the upset stomach symptoms.

Grown in Indonesia, this coffee has delicious specialty flavor notes of rich herbs and rustic spice, presenting a full body and light acidity. This pick can be placed as a drink order in a cafe or even bought in bags of whole bean or ground coffee.

Starbucks Coffee
Image Credit: kevs on Unsplash

Pike’s Place Medium Roast Coffee

Another regular drip option is the Pike’s Place Medium Roast Coffee, which is Starbucks’ signature offering. Made with 100% Arabica beans that feature notes of cocoa and rich praline, this low-acid coffee is smooth and well-rounded.

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It’s a blend of Latin American coffees that present a mellow but rich flavor with zero bitterness. This is another one that can be ordered as a pre-made drink or purchased in bags of whole or ground beans.

Espresso Roast

Speaking of signature roasts, the Espresso Roast is a dark roasted bean that has lower acidity levels. It’s a blend combining origins of Asia/Pacific and Latin America that acts as the foundation for all of Starbucks’ espresso-based drinks.

The flavor profile is a perfect combination of rich molasses and caramelized sugar that works deliciously alongside milk. It can be ordered at any cafe by itself or in your favorite espresso beverage, and even bought as a bag of whole or ground beans.

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Image Credit: Brigitte Tohm at Unsplash

Cold Brew

You’ll be happy to know that a favorite classic, Cold Brew, is also a low-acid option that won’t give you stomach issues due to its low placement on the pH scale. Though it normally comes just plain, you can always add your favorite milk and low-sugar sweetener to make it your own.

Not only can you get this cup of coffee off the Starbucks menu, but you can also buy prepackaged cold brew coffee from the store or online. With this option, you can still get a selection of a just black or pre-sweetened drink.

Nitro Cold Brew

If you prefer the Nitro Cold Brew to the regular one, you don’t have to skip out on that either since it’s still brewed for the same amount of time as cold brew, taking away a big portion of acidity. With this pick, though, the nitrogen that’s infused upon pour gives it a natural creamy sweetness.

While it might taste the best fresh from the tap at the cafe, you can even get this drink in a canned version, which infuses the beverage with nitrogen as soon as you crack it open.

person holding Starbucks cup with coffee drink
Image Credit: Isabella Mendes at Pexels

Flavored Coffee

One of the options that’s exclusively sold in bags rather than brewed is Flavored Coffee, which is available for purchase in some stores and online. Each contains naturally flavored 100% Arabica low-acid coffee beans that really don’t need any added sweeteners.

A few flavors for these delicious coffees include Vanilla, Caramel, Mocha, Salted Caramel Mocha, Maple Pecan, Peppermint Mocha, Cinnamon Dolce, specialty seasonal picks, and more.

Iced Chai Tea Latte

Moving onto selections that are more focused on the drinks that are made in the cafe, an Iced Chai Tea Latte is an excellent choice for a low-acid option since it features significantly less caffeine. It doesn’t cause heartburn and acid reflux issues, making it a safe choice.

If you want a warmer beverage, you can also get this pick hot instead of iced for a comforting and cozy sip that’s still low in acid and delicious.

Bottled Tea
Image Credit: Kadarius Seegars at Unsplash

Iced Latte

Next up is an Iced Latte, a drink that somewhat varies in causing stomach issues for some people. Though it does have low acidity, it’s still something that’s definitely present. The cold version of this drink makes for a slightly safer choice than the hot.

Choosing a lower-acid milk option will also help in making this beverage suitable for those who suffer from acid reflux and sensitive stomachs. Ultimately, it’s entirely dependent on the person, so it’s recommended to drink these in moderation.

Matcha Tea Latte

The last low-acid drink we’ll mention is the Matcha Tea Latte. While it’s not coffee, it is one of the less acidic teas available at the international coffee chain. You still get a bit of caffeine with this beverage, but you won’t get any heartburn or stomach issues.

You can get this option iced or hot and with any milk of your choice. However you order it, you’ll still get the benefits of the superfood that is green tea, which includes neutralizing acid reflux.

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Image Credit: Niels Kehl at Unsplash

Frequently Asked Questions

With a list of low-acid Starbucks coffee and more on hand, we’re sure you’re ready for your next visit to the coffee shop. Even so, we’ve also answered a couple of related questions to help you out even further.

What is the Lowest Acid Coffee at Starbucks?

While all of the options we mentioned above are pretty good picks for a low-acid sip, the coffee with the lowest acid at Starbucks has to either be the Sumatra Dark Roast or the Cold Brew. The roasting process for the Sumatra and the brewing method for the Cold Brew create a low level of acidity in both drinks.

Can I Drink Starbucks Coffee if I Have Acid Reflux?

If you have acid reflux, choosing any of the low-acid beverages featured on the list above allows you to still drink Starbucks without any of the uncomfortable side effects. Of course, everyone is different when it comes to health situations such as this so it’s important to check with your doctor first.

How Do You Order Less Acidic Coffee?

The easiest way to order less acidic coffee is to get something that contains a darker roast, Arabica coffee, and a longer brewing process. If you’re ordering a drink that has milk, ask for a non-dairy substitute or at least a non-fat option. Finally, use sugar-free sweeteners to maintain the low acid content in your coffee order.

Wrapping Up

Overall, being restricted to a low-acid diet doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite Starbucks coffee trip. There are ways around the menu to get you a caffeinated drink that won’t cause stomach issues, acid reflux, or heartburn.

So, next time you find yourself in line at the cafe or needing to purchase a new bag of coffee, keep this list of options in mind to prevent worrying about the aftereffects of consuming your daily cup of joe.

Happy Caffeinating!

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