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Casabrews Espresso Machine Review: Performance Analysis

Get the full review of this all-inclusive Espresso Machine, the 5700Gense from the up-and-coming manufacturer, Casabrews.

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Casabrews is a relatively new espresso and coffee machine manufacturer that was established in 2020. Casabrews mission is to create streamlined and modern espresso machines that are simple enough for casual espresso drinkers while being efficient and delicious enough for home barista enthusiasts.

And to be honest, they are doing just that. With features in Forbes, Cuisine At Home and getting a 9.9 rating from Buyers Guide, Casabrews is certainly adding competition for long-standing manufacturers like De’Longhi and Breville.

Casabrews sent us their 5700Gense Espresso Machine that has a built-in grinder to test and review, and we are quite impressed with the quality and ease of this espresso machine. You can get your own using our readers discount code RC45%OFF at checkout for 40% off!

Now let’s jump into the details of this up-and-coming espresso machine.

Casabrews Espresso Machine Review

About the 5700Gense All-in-One Espresso Machine

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Off the bat, I will say that this espresso machine is well worth the money and is really an all-inclusive machine that leaves very little to be desired.

With a 15-step espresso burr grinder, 91 oz water reservoir, powerful steam wand, and multiple accessories for brewing, cleaning, and maintenance, I have not had to invest in any additional brewing tools other than the coffee beans themselves.

The first machine I received unfortunately got damaged in transit, with the inner pieces of the grinder getting broken, causing the grinder to malfunction upon the second or third use.

I was able to reach out to Casabrews customer support via email and was impressed with the quick response time and the efficiency in finding the issue and sending me a replacement machine. (Don’t worry, I’ll expand more on that in the customer support section of the review!)

I have now been using this espresso machine daily, often multiple times throughout the day, for over a month, and am not disappointed. Let’s break it down feature by feature with a roundup of the pros and cons at the end.

Features and Specs

The Casabrew 5700Gense Espresso Machine is a semi-automatic brewer that comes with a grinder and frother for an all-inclusive espresso machine experience.

Casabrews Espresso Machine brews coffee

Both the steam wand and grinder are professional grade, along with the 20 bar pressure pump that has automated shot-pulling times.

The 15-tick setting grinder also has automated grinding times that can be customized and Casabrew includes an extra grinder base in case of malfunctioning.

Casabrews Espresso Machine front

Casabrew also includes a set of accessories and tools that help maintain the quality and longevity of the espresso machine in addition to a diagnostic booklet that has visual aids.

5700Gense Exterior Look

Part of Casabrews mission in creating their espresso machines is to add a streamlined, classic look to the brewer’s exteriors.

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The 5700Gense is a beautiful stainless steel espresso machine that has black accents and a button-controlled interface.

Casabrews Espresso Machine next to a brewed cup of coffee

The Gense reaches just above 18 inches with the bean hopper installed, while only being 11.2 inches wide with a depth of 12.8 inches. This makes it great for medium and large kitchens.

The espresso machine weighs just over 22 pounds and sits comfortably on a counter while not being too heavy to move around slightly if needed.

The water reservoir sits at the back of the espresso machine, being easily removable by lifting up. The tank can hold 91 oz which is fairly large and can last a full week if making 1-2 drinks a day.

Operations and Controls

The Gense is designed to be very user-friendly and is operated primarily by four push buttons. The power and hot water buttons are directly above the grinder and next to the classically styled round pressure gauge that shows the pressure being used in real-time.

Casabrews Espresso Machine buttons close up

The brewing start buttons are directly above the group head and to the right of the pressure gauge with the two options of single or double-shot brew times.

These options are preprogrammed brewing times that can be changed to meet your customized time frame.

The grinder is operated by a small button that gets activated when you press the portafilter under the grinder. This is also a preprogrammed allotted time that can easily be stopped mid-way or changed to your ideal grinding dose.

angle view of Casabrews Espresso Machine

Lastly, the steam wand distributes water with the press of the hot water button, while the steam function is utilized by the dial on the right side of the espresso machine.

Casabrews Espresso Machine brews milk

The operation manual gives clear and precise directions on how to customize programming for grinding and espresso brewing, while also giving a key code and troubleshooting directions for when the machine is not operating as expected.

Each button has a ring of light around it which helps indicate when the espresso machine is ready and warmed, if the water reservoir is in need of refilling, or for any other malfunction that may occur.


The Gense is an all-in-one espresso machine thanks to its steel, conical burr grinder. This grinder has 15 espresso grind settings that allow you to fine-tune and dial in your ideal delicious espresso.

With a hopper that can hold half a pound of beans, this grinder is easy to use and adjust and incredibly easy for cleaning as well (see more in the cleaning and maintenance section).

Grind time is preset for 14 seconds, but can easily be adjusted to a custom time. The portafilter sits securely in the set, allowing for a hands-free grinding experience.

Heating System

The Gense has a PID temp control that keeps brewing temperatures between 90-96 degrees. This is not manually adjustable, but you can easily preheat the machine if you enjoy your espresso on the hotter side.

Simply run one or two full espresso shot cycles with the portafilter empty. This heats up the machine thoroughly while also warming up the stainless steel in the group head and filter.

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Pump and Pressure of Brewing

The pressure gauge allows you to read the real-time workings of the 20-bar Italian pump. While brewing, you will see how the gauge tracks the pressure building up and being released throughout the process. This can give you direct feedback about the espresso shot pulled before you even taste it.

Casabrews Espresso Machine brews coffee

If the pump is unable to reach the ideal pressure zone (between 5-12 bars), you can expect your espresso to be very weak, watery, and under-extracted. This informs you that you did not put enough grinds in or that the grinds are too coarse, allowing the water to saturate and pass through the puck far too quickly.

Each basket size has a marked MAX line. Your grinds should reach this line once they have been evenly distributed and tamped down. This means filling the grinds up into a mound that reaches above the brim of the basket prior to tamping.

Casabrews Espresso Machine brews coffee

If you overpacked your portafilter, or the grinds are too fine, you will notice the pressure gauge goes beyond the “espresso zone” and your espresso is very likely to be very thick, bitter, and acidic.


Brewing times are preset and programmed based on the one or two-shot options. Once you press the brew button, you can walk away knowing that the espresso will cut off once done. Brewing includes a pre-infusion time, which allows your beans to be saturated before being brought up to full pressure.

You can stop the shot earlier than programmed by pressing the brew button again, or program your own brew times by following the steps in the manual.


The steam wand is operated by a 1500W Thermocoil that allows for a powerful steaming experience. Preheating the steamer takes less than a minute, allowing for a quick transition between brewing espresso shots and steaming your milk.

Casabrews Espresso Machine brews milk in a metal mug

Although it certainly does not have the power of a plumbed steam wand, you can heat a full steaming pitcher in a minute or two and get deliciously creamy milk that has lovely microfoam for the perfect latte.

a cup of espresso with a cup of brewed milk


You get everything you need for brewing and maintaining the Gense with this all-inclusive espresso machine.

accessories from Casabrews Espresso Machine

Starting with the portafilter, you will receive two basket sizes that are easily interchangeable from the portafilter – single and double shot sizes.

Filter Holder coffee machine

Along with these two baskets, Casabrews includes a grinds distributor that helps even your grinds, a tamper for ensuring your grinds are tightly packed, and a rubber mat you can use to help stabilize the portafilter while doing so.

The steam wand is accompanied by a 12-ounce stainless steel pitcher for frothing milk, as well as a tool for unclogging the steamer wand.

Lastly, Casabrews includes two other cleaning and maintenance tools and a coffee scoop for measuring your beans.

Cleaning and Maintenance

I have had my machine for a month and have found cleaning and daily maintenance easy to keep on top of. With the portafilter set that holds the basket in place, you get almost no loose grinds as they fall directly into the basket.

The portafilter and group head are easy to clean once used. Simply dispose of the used puck and rinse your portafilter in another espresso cycle. The drip tray will catch the water and hold several ounces before needing to be emptied, which is made visible by the red tab that will pop up once full.

The steam wand can easily be cleaned with a wet washcloth, although I highly suggest using the hot water function to unclog the hole directly after using the steamer.

The surface of the espresso machine cleans off easily with a damp washcloth, without leaving streaks.

Although I have yet to descale the machine, Casabrews includes multiple forms of instructions for descaling. There are videos on their website that break it down, as well as detailed instructions in the user manual.

The espresso machine will run a self-cleaning descaling session with simple activation and Casabrews recommends descaling your Gense every 2-3 months for best quality.

The grinder is easy and accessible for cleaning as well, as the grinder easily pops out, allowing access to the conical burr. Casabrews includes a detailed walkthrough of this process on their website, which is great for visual learners.

With the provided tools, you can easily dust out all the grinds as well as get in there with a vacuum if necessary. Casabrews recommends cleaning the grinder every 2-3 weeks, or once every week if you use oily beans.

Casabrews Customer Support and Warranty

As mentioned at the top of the article, I did have to reach out to customer support due to the machine getting damaged in transit.

I emailed them explaining the issue and got a response within 24 hours asking further questions and giving several suggestions for things I could try to fix the issue.

When I still was unable to get the grinder to operate, customer support requested a video. Upon receiving the video, they were able to diagnose the issue, realizing that the inner workings of the grinder got damaged during delivery. They quickly sent a replacement machine for me at no extra charge.

brewed milk is poured into a cup of espresso

Every email exchanged was incredibly kind, respectful, and informative and I was very impressed with customer support.

The 5700Gense comes with a one-year limited warranty, but you can register your product and get a two-year warranty when you follow the directions provided upon receiving your machine.

So How Does It Perform?

Now that we’ve covered all the basics of each aspect of this all-inclusive Espresso Machine, let’s get down to our verdict; is this machine worth the money and hype?

I definitely think so. As a professional barista who has been craving an at-home espresso machine for years, I am very pleased with how well this espresso machine operates and the quality of lattes (my personal favorite) I am able to get again and again.

Casabrews Espresso Machine brews a cup of espresso

The grinder is very even and maintains consistency in grind sizes. Casabrews suggests starting between a 7 and 8 grind and I found that perfect for the beans I had, with very little dialing in needed.

All of the accessories included, but most notably the grind distributor and tamper, are very high quality and do not leave you wanting.

Filter Holder from Casabrews Espresso Machine

Between the programmable grinding time, the grind distributer, and the rubber mat that helps keep the portafilter even when tamping, I am able to replicate the same quality of espresso over and over again. On the off chance that I over or under-extract, I’ve been able to easily pinpoint what went wrong and adjust with a new flavorful shot.

hand presses the button of Casabrews Espresso Machine

The steam wand is also consistent with temperature and pressure, allowing for delicious microfoam, which for me is usually where most at-home espresso machines disappoint. The 5700Gense does not disappoint though. I am able to get delicious steamed milk again and again with the quality of this heat coil steamer.

cup of coffee with milk heart prepared by Casabrews Espresso Machine

I love how sleek and modern the espresso machine looks in my kitchen, and enjoy being able to make fancy espresso drinks for myself and my friends when visiting. The machine performs well for making several drinks in a row, making it perfect for larger households or office spaces.

I also found the machine very easy to use and very intuitive, so that even non-coffee enthusiasts would be able to learn how to operate this espresso machine easily.

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If you are looking for a good quality espresso machine that is under $1K and needs extra accessories or tools, I highly recommend looking into Casabrews and considering their All-In-One 5700 Gense Espresso Machine with Grinder. It provides ease, consistency, and good-quality espresso.

Happy Caffeinating!

Casabrews Espresso Machine Review: Performance Analysis
Casabrews Espresso Machine Review

Explore the pros and cons: Casabrews Espresso Machine review. Is it the perfect addition to your coffee setup? Read on to find out!

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