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Bottomless Coffee Subscription Review

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If you’re a coffee lover, you know how vital your supply of coffee is to your sanity, productivity, and taste buds. You probably feel strongly about a particular brand or local roaster, a favorite flavor or blend that no other coffee on the shelves compares to. 

Nevertheless, you’ve likely run out of coffee before you had time to run and get a replacement bag, or your local roaster was out of your favorite blend, and you had to settle for trying something new that often falls way short of the mark. 

God forbid you’re forced to go without coffee at home, shelling out dozens of dollars a day at coffee shops to fulfill your coffee fix while you wait for your favorite brand to become available.   

Well, there’s finally a solution that ensures you’ll never be without your beloved cup of fresh, home-brewed coffee, nor will you ever have to settle for a subpar blend. Bottomless Coffee is a new concept in the coffee industry that uses smart technology as a middleman between roasters and consumers to provide coffee drinkers with a steady flow of delicious java. 

Here, we will review Bottomless Coffee, explaining how it works and the features and benefits it bestows to coffee lovers.   

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bottomless Coffee SubscriptionBottomless Coffee Subscription

While many coffee subscription services deliver coffee on a schedule, this company is the first of its kind because it uses smart technology to assess your current coffee consumption habits and suggest blend rotations. Before buying a subscription to Bottomless Coffee, you should probably take stock of your coffee consumption, blend preference, and personal accountability.

Avid coffee drinkers with a strong coffee brand or blend preference will love this service because of the wide range of blends and roasters available to you. If you are a coffee lover that often runs out of coffee and buys coffee nearly daily from a local coffee shop, this service will undoubtedly save you money. 

You also won’t have to hold yourself accountable for picking up coffee or ordering it online whenever you run out. Some of us are more forgetful, but that doesn’t mean we will forfeit our morning or mid-afternoon cup of coffee. Consequently, we end up spending twice as much for a quick cup at a coffee shop for several days before we get around to buying a coffee bag to brew at home. 

You also need to think about your budget. How much are you paying per week for coffee? How many cups of coffee do you consume a day? Are you an espresso drinker, a drip coffee drinker, or both? Tallying up your current expenditures will also help you decide if a subscription is either cost-effective or worth the expense. 

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Bottomless Coffee: Product Overview

Bottomless Coffee
Bottomless Coffee
Our rating:

Bottomless is working on technologies never seen before. Starting with a Device that will learn about your coffee usage to deliver new and fresh coffee bags right when you need it.


Bottomless Coffee is a subscription coffee delivery service that works by using a smart scale to monitor your consumption, ordering a new bag of coffee to arrive before your current bag runs out, so you’ll never go a day without coffee.

Bottomless Coffee offers over 500 different coffee blends, working with roasters around the U.S. with blends from regions worldwide. You first choose your preferred blend of coffee, whether it be light, medium, or dark roast, whether you prefer whole beans or ground, and whether you prepare espresso or drip.

You can choose one specific blend or rotation based on your roast, flavor profile, and region preference. Regardless of what coffee you order, it will come freshly prepared from a U.S.-based roaster. When you receive your freshly roasted coffee beans, you place them on the provided Bottomless Coffee scale and leave them there. 

The WiFi-enabled coffee scale begins to analyze how many coffee beans you consume per day, automatically ordering the next bag of coffee according to its calculated predictions on when the current bag will be empty. 

Bottomless will alert you of the next shipment of fresh coffee 12 hours before shipping, giving you the chance to cancel or change the order. Bottomless will also recommend new coffee blends to try based on your go-to blends and the preferences you specify when you first subscribe. 

Bottomless welcomes feedback, and you can always adjust the smart scale and monitoring system algorithms if they do not accurately predict your consumption rate. 

Features and Benefits

The smart scale and predictive technology differentiate Bottomless Coffee from other coffee box subscription services. The founders claim it is the most efficient and accurate system, providing a steady flow of their customers’ favorite fresh-roasted coffee blend to their door.

Here, we will look at the features and benefits of Bottomless Coffee that set them apart and make them an excellent investment for avid coffee drinkers. 

Variety of Coffee and Roasters

As we’ve mentioned above, Bottomless Coffee has a wide range of coffee choices (over 500) to choose from, and its website and app are user-friendly, so you can easily navigate and narrow down the preferences that best fit your taste.

You can fine-tune your preferences with their categorical preference boxes that include the following categories:

  • Roast
  • Size 
  • Price
  • Grind
  • Origin
  • Roasters
  • Tasting Categories

If you know what you want, you can narrow down your options quickly and effectively. At the same time, if you wish to explore your options or are looking for something new, you can be less specific and let Bottomless guide you on your coffee journey.  

Additionally, you can explore all the different roasters in your area and beyond, broadening your horizons and encouraging yourself to endorse local and independent roasters. It’s a win-win situation for consumers and suppliers.

Free Shipping, Free Scale, Low Subscription Cost

No matter where your coffee comes from, you pay a flat monthly fee that covers the cost of the smart scale and coffee shipments. If you consume copious amounts of coffee and are tired of paying exorbitant shipping charges, this perk will surely please you.

The scale is wireless and has a 9-month battery life, so you also don’t have to worry about constantly replacing batteries. Bottomless also asserts that their coffee prices are competitive with grocery stores, and they give you cheap, mid-range, and expensive options for your desired coffee blend.  

No Middleman

Well, technically, Bottomless is the middleman, but they connect you directly with roasters who roast the premium beans on-site and on-demand for each order. Direct shipping coffee from the roasters is one of the most significant benefits to a coffee connoisseur.

If you are used to getting your coffee from the grocery store or through various intermediaries, you will be amazed at the difference between freshly roasted coffee beans and the weeks-old coffee you’ve been brewing.  

Never Run Out of Coffee

With the smart scale technology, you will always have fresh coffee on hand. You’ll never have to keep tabs on your coffee consumption either. 

The scale revolutionizes coffee delivery by detecting your consumption rate, predicting when you’ll run out of fresh beans, and ordering more coffee that arrives the day you run out of your previous bag. 

The main appeal for subscription services, in general, is to give you one less thing to worry about, and Bottomless Coffee has the most accurate technology to ensure that coffee arrives at your doorstep without you lifting a finger. In fact, they alert you to new orders, giving you plenty of time to cancel or change your order if you aren’t ready for a new batch. 

You also don’t have to worry about coffee supply shortages, which is a constant issue at grocery stores and local roasters. 

Taste Predictors Open Doors to New Favorite Brands

We know it can be hard to explore new options when you have a tried-and-true coffee blend that never disappoints, but Bottomless Coffee’s impressive 500 blend inventory is sure to entice you to give something new and different a try.

Their blend rotation option is a great way to try new brands and blends that you might never think to try otherwise. It will also broaden your palate and diversify your options. Changing things up is a good thing; it’ll awaken new tastes or solidify long-standing choices.

Plus, you can give feedback on how well new blends meet your expectations, further facilitating and refining Bottomless’ predictive capabilities for you and your fellow consumers. 

Bottomless Coffee
Bottomless Coffee
Our rating:

Bottomless is working on technologies never seen before. Starting with a Device that will learn about your coffee usage to deliver new and fresh coffee bags right when you need it.


Alternatives and Conclusion

Bottomless Coffee is a unique coffee delivery service. It uses a smart scale to monitor your coffee consumption and time fresh roasted coffee delivery accurately and efficiently. This system ensures that you’ll never run out of coffee, and your coffee will always be fresh. 

The only downside to Bottomless Coffee is that their blend selections are pricey compared to store-bought or buying online because they come freshly roasted from local and independent roasters. 

Consequently, if you go through a bag of coffee every few days, your bill will be considerably higher than if you ordered your coffee online or picked it up from your local roaster. Still, you receive high-quality, fresh coffee that will never run out. 

Since this kind of smart technology is unique to Bottomless, the alternatives are to either buy your coffee online or at the store or use a different coffee subscription service that delivers your coffee on a set schedule. However, Bottomless Coffee offers a wider variety and more efficient service than any other coffee subscription service we’ve come across. 

Happy Caffeinating!

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