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Torani vs. Davinci: A Bit Of Coffee Syrup Never Hurt Anyone

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Coffee syrups are as plentiful as coffee flavors themselves. So then, when it comes time to put a little extra flavor in your coffee, which one do you choose?

Today we’ll focus on the Torani vs. Davinci flavor battle and pick which one we like best. Keep in mind that this is solely our opinion, and you are free to try all the coffee syrup flavors and brands you like.

A Little Bit about Torani

Torani makes their coffee syrups from pure cane sugar, natural flavors, and cold-filtered water. They proudly display over 150 different flavors of syrup, including sugar-free varieties, on their website. While the company started with a couple of flavors in Italy, it has grown to sell dozens of coffee syrup flavors to coffee drinkers worldwide.

Strong and Fun Flavors

It’s hard to find a dull flavor among Torani’s repertoire of coffee syrups. You only need a small serving to bring some spice to your black coffee, and there isn’t a strange chemical aftertaste to it.

Among their dozens of flavors, you’ll also find some delicious ones you might not have thought of, like Brown Sugar Cinnamon, White Chocolate, Cinnamon Vanilla, and Chocolate Macadamia Nut.

Delightfully Thick Syrups

An excellent coffee syrup should feel thick and a little creamy. That also usually means that the flavors will be a little richer and more satisfying. Compared to other coffee syrups, Torani is delightfully thick and drips nicely into your drink of choice.

Shatterproof Glass Bottle

If you sometimes fumble around in the morning making your coffee drink, it’s good to know your syrup bottle won’t break if it falls over. Of course, a glass bottle is quite fashionable, too.

Convenient Dispensing Pump

For a little extra coin, you can add a dispensing pump to your order to save time in the morning. A pump is incredibly convenient since coffee syrup can be sticky, and the pump saves you the trouble of cleaning up a bottle spill.

Using it is easy. Just attach the pump to the top of the syrup bottle, and you’re good to go.

Our Favorite Flavors

Some of our favorite flavors from Torani include the following:

  • Peach
  • Coconut
  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry
  • Cherry
  • Vanilla
  • Watermelon
  • Mango

A Little Bit about Davinci

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A sub-brand of Serious Sips, Davinci coffee syrups also come in several varieties, including sugar-free. While they have plenty of traditional coffee flavors, like mocha and mint, they also have more unconventional flavors, like their Strawberry Bomb and Mango Mania.

Suitable for Hot and Cold Drinks

It doesn’t matter whether you like your coffee hot or cold: Davinci can do both. Some syrups go into a cold drink as sludge and do not mix well. Luckily, Davinci easily mixes into hot or cold brews.

Natural Ingredients

Like we mentioned up top, Davinci uses all-natural flavors for their syrups, which makes a huge difference in flavor. Some syrups have a weird after-taste without natural ingredients, but Davinci’s all-natural taste doesn’t make you feel like you’ve ingested chemicals.

Some Flavors are a Little Weak

The point of coffee syrup is to add enough flavor to spice up your coffee. However, that does not mean you need to pour half the bottle for one drink.

Some flavors of Davinci are a little weak. The flavors are still there, but it brings down the syrup’s value when you have to use so much for one cup of coffee.

Great for People Who Don’t Like Sweet Flavors

Although Davinci’s flavors might be slightly weak, they’re still suitable for the coffee lover who likes a little sweetness but not too much. 

If you’re a coffee drinker who likes a little flavor without the sticky sweetness of other syrups, you might enjoy Davinci the best. 

Dispensing Pump

Again, you can add a convenient dispensing pump to your favorite syrup bottle. 

Our Favorite Flavors

Some of our favorite coffee syrup flavors from Davinci include:

  • Caramel
  • Vanilla 
  • Cherry
  • French Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Blueberry 
  • Raspberry
  • Hazelnut

Things to Keep in Mind about Coffee Syrups

Comparing coffee syrups is all well and good, but how you use them plays a huge role in deciding their overall quality.

Coffee Roast Determines Which Syrup to Use

Which coffee syrup you use will depend on how dark your coffee roast is. However, that’s part of the fun. See which flavors and recipes you like best and try them with different blends to see if you have a new favorite.

Be Mindful about High-Fructose Corn Syrup

Consuming too much lower-quality coffee syrup can also increase your high-fructose corn syrup intake. While a little now and then is not bad for you, it can impact your overall health if it’s an everyday habit.

Higher-quality coffee syrups will use all-natural ingredients and little to no high-fructose corn syrup. As we’ve mentioned, an all-natural touch can make all the difference with taste.

Coffee Syrups Expire Fast

Think about how often you drink flavored coffee. If it’s only every once in a while, you’ll want to purchase a smaller quantity of coffee syrup since it goes bad surprisingly fast, particularly the naturally-flavored brands.

However, if you drink natural coffee all the time, getting a more significant quantity might not be a problem. A standard 750 ml bottle can supply you with roughly 1 to 3 squirts for around 12 regular cups of coffee.

Final Thoughts

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We think either brand of coffee syrup is a good choice. Both come with the option of purchasing a dispensing pump, have all-natural flavors, and give good value for the money. 

But, after some challenging consideration, we prefer Torani coffee syrup in the Torani vs. Davinci debate.

While Davinci is a worthy contender, Torani had a wider variety of flavors, all of which seemed more robust (even the sugar-free varieties) and had great value for what you got.

While we prefer Torani, we encourage you to try any combination of coffee and syrup you choose. More and more flavors emerge every day, but that’s why we love coffee and why it brings such a spark to all our lives.

Happy Caffeinating!

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