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Eggnog As Coffee Creamer

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Can you put eggnog in your cup of coffee instead of a creamer like Coffee Mate? Yes, and it tastes great. Using eggnog as a coffee creamer can be as simple as adding half a cup to black coffee, or you can spice it up to tone down the familiar tang of coffee. 

We’ll discuss exactly how much is too much and what you can expect from your eggnog coffee.

Serving Size

A serving of eggnog is usually measured as half a cup, but how much should you add to your coffee? 

Eggnog has a thick and creamy consistency, which is why it works well as a creamer. However, it also has a distinctive taste.

The best way to use your eggnog as coffee creamer is to start by adding less eggnog than you would creamer. It would be best if you stayed under the recommended half-cup serving size. If you don’t want to overwhelm the coffee flavor, try a quarter cup. You can always add more later.

Alternative Eggnog

Whether you’re making it homemade, store-bought, or a combination of both, there’s no right or wrong way to add eggnog as coffee creamer. 

Fat-free, low-fat, or even non-dairy eggnogs are also fantastic options. If you’re thinking of trying eggnog coffee with one of these alternatives, you might need to play around. Fat-free, low-fat, and non-dairy eggnogs tend to be less thick and creamy. 

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The consistency change might not bother you if you’re used to nonfat milk or non-dairy options. The flavor can be less intense, which means you can safely add a little more without drowning your coffee.

If you’re considering store-bought, there are delicious choices for non-dairy eggnog. You can also whip up your own eggnog if you want to experiment with your perfect blend. There are recipes for reduced fat, vegan, and other eggnog alternatives. You can find the right balance for your eggnog coffee creamer.

Eggnog, Coffee, and Alcohol

Suppose you’re thinking of having a coffee or maybe a holiday drink later in the day. In that case, you might think of the familiar combination of eggnog and brandy.

Whatever your go-to eggnog additions might be, things have changed now that coffee is in the mix. Bourbon, brandy, Bailey’s, and Kahlua all work well with both coffee and eggnog. Still, you might have your preference of spirits to pair with coffee.

However, if you’re adding a spot of alcohol to make it even more festive, keep in mind that heat plus alcohol can increase the chance of curdling your nog. Less is more in this case, for both the eggnog and the alcohol. 

If you’ve set your heart on a strong mix of eggnog-coffee-spirits, here are three suggestions:

  1. Don’t pour your eggnog into boiling coffee. You don’t need it to cool to room temperature. Instead, wait until you can comfortably hold your coffee cup.
  2. Warm up the eggnog. Again, no boiling here. If you’re taking a carton directly from the fridge and then pouring it into a steaming cup of joe, it’s a shock to the system for your poor eggnog. Instead, pour your serving and heat it before adding to your coffee.
  3. Add alcohol last and stir slowly. While it makes it trickier to eyeball a serving, adding the acidic alcohol as the final ingredient will protect your eggnog from curdling.

What Else Can You Add?

Eggnog As Coffee Creamer

You have your two main ingredients: coffee and eggnog. So what else can you mix?

Cinnamon is a tasty addition. While eggnog enthusiasts often add cinnamon, you might not know it can also boost the aroma and taste of coffee.

Nutmeg is another traditional eggnog spice. Adding the warm, sweet flavor also comes with health benefits, including antioxidants and antibacterials.

If you want extra sweetness, you can’t beat vanilla. It mixes with coffee and eggnog without distracting from either flavor. But vanilla can be potent, so go easy on it, especially if it’s fresh.

Unfortunately, eggnog won’t froth like regular old milk. You can’t prepare a latte, flat white, cappuccino, cortado, or similar milk-based coffee drink unless you add milk. Use the eggnog for flavor, but add milk to steam or froth.

Is Eggnog as Coffee Creamer Bad for You?

Eggnog is a treat. The star ingredients are eggs, cream, milk, and sugar. While few of those ingredients alone are outright bad for you, together, they’re a recipe loaded with calories, fats, and, of course, sugar.

There’s also a risk associated with raw eggs. Depending on your recipe, eggnog made with raw eggs can be a food-poisoning risk.

But not all eggnog is equal. If you’re making it at home, use pasteurized liquid eggs or heat raw eggs beforehand to kill potential bacteria. In addition, you can use reduced-fat or reduced sugar ingredients. 

If you want a store-bought eggnog brand, look for a label indicating that they used pasteurized eggs.

Vegan or non-dairy eggnog alternatives can also help lower your sugar intake. Vegan eggnog also brings down the calorie count and has less sugar. You also get the benefit of the lighter taste, which can be better for your coffee-sipping experience.

If you’re a diehard for traditional eggnog, you don’t need to give it up. We’ve all heard that moderation is the key to enjoying treats. While we can’t say that eggnog as coffee creamer is a healthy choice, it doesn’t need to be bad for you. Stick to the serving size.

Do you drink your eggnog mix halved (half eggnog and half milk)?  Try the same mixture as a creamer. If you like light eggnog, try that instead. Light eggnog won’t be as “light” as vegan eggnog. But if you’re not used to the taste of non-dairy alternatives, light eggnog or other reduced sugar options are a calorie-wise option.


Does eggnog work in coffee? Absolutely. Can eggnog make even convenience store drip coffee taste good? Yes again.

We hope our suggestions gave you a few delicious ideas, but don’t limit your imagination. You can add a unique twist with your eggnog coffee creamer and personalize the flavor. 

If you’re an iced coffee drinker, add some to your drink, pour it in a shaker, and shake it up to make an eggnog coffee milkshake.

Once you find your perfect balance, keep a pot of coffee brewed and ready, sit back, and enjoy a festive cup of eggnog coffee.

Happy Caffeinating!

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