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Nespresso CitiZ Review: Quick And Easy To Use For Everyone

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Have you got your eye on a new Nespresso machine, but you’re not sure which one is right for you? Choosing from the many Nespresso options available can be quite the challenge, but we’re here to help. Today we’re going to take a look at the Nespresso CitiZ to help you decide if it’s worthy of a place of honor in your kitchen or office.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Pod Machine

Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Review

First things first: Who is the Nespresso CitiZ for? To answer that question, you need to know what kind of coffee machine we’re talking about. The Nespresso CitiZ is a pod machine, and it has specific (and somewhat limited) functionalities. We’ll get into what those are below, but if you’re trying to figure out quickly whether this machine is for you, we’ll do our best to answer that here.

We’ll start with who the Nespresso CitiZ is not for. If you’re looking for a dual coffee maker, several different settings and capabilities, or lots of bells and whistles, go with something else. The CitiZ is a more modest coffee maker that has just two settings.

On the other hand, if a quick shot of delicious Nespresso is your jam, and you want a machine that produces coffee quickly, the CitiZ might be for you. Its small size is entirely at home in kitchens and offices, and it’s well suited to espresso drinkers who want something fast and easy. Now let’s take a look at why we recommend the CitiZ for this subset of coffee drinkers.

About the Nespresso CitiZ

The Nespresso CitiZ is an attractive, no-frills single-serve pod espresso maker. It features a slim design that can fit comfortably in even the tiniest of spaces, and in a matter of seconds, you’ll be receiving your morning (or afternoon) caffeine fix.

Like all machines from this manufacturer, Nespresso’s famous capsule system, or pods as they’re also known, makes it possible to enjoy high-quality espresso without any fuss. (Pro Tip: When it comes to Nespresso vs. Espresso, there’s a world of difference. Make sure you know what you’re getting before buying a Nespresso maker.)

You receive a coffee maker, an integrated milk frother (if you purchase this item), an instruction manual, an information folder, and a complimentary pack of pods to get you started. Sometimes the pack of welcome pods arrives separately, so we recommend purchasing some ahead of time to ensure that you can use your machine right away.

Things We Like

  • The low-profile design takes up minimal counter space
  • Produces excellent espresso with crema quickly and conveniently
  • Easy to clean
  • Programmable auto-off feature
  • Sleek design
  • Excellent value for money

Room for Improvement

  • The machine only takes its particular brand of capsules
  • Getting the hang of the milk frother can be tricky
  • The espresso maker makes a lot of noise for being so small

Product Specs

Here is a comprehensive list of the features you get when you purchase the CitiZ.

  • A nineteen-bar high-pressure pump
  • Auto shut-off after nine minutes, programmable up to 30 minutes
  • Average preheat time of 25 seconds
  • Espresso and lungo brew options
  • Adjustable folding cup tray
  • Used container capacity of ten capsules
  • A removable 34-oz water reservoir
  • One-touch custom size setting

It’s worth mentioning that Nespresso has discontinued this highly popular model, though it’s available for purchase online from other sellers like Krups and De’Longhi.


CitiZ’s small footprint is one of the best things about this espresso maker. Though you can undoubtedly find smaller models on the market, you’ll find that the CitiZ’s dimensions will work for pretty much any space. Amazon lists the dimensions for this product at a width of 5.1”, the height of 10.9”, and depth 14.6”.

Ease of Use

Nespresso CitiZ Espresso, Lungo and more

The Nespresso CitiZ is ridiculously simple to operate. Even someone who has never used a Nespresso machine before should be able to figure out how to work it without a problem.

As is true of all Nespresso models, the capsules are quite easy to insert and eject. All you have to do is lift the lever, drop the pod in, and push the lever down again. One thing to note is that the CitiZ is only compatible with capsules from Nespresso’s Original Line. Make sure not to accidentally purchase VertuoLine capsules, as they won’t work with this model.

The machine has only two buttons. One of them gives you an espresso or single shot, and the other one produces a double shot or lungo. What makes this machine somewhat different from other Nespresso models is that there is no independent power button. Just push either of the two coffee buttons to start, which will flash for about 25 seconds as the machine prepares for use.

When the button illuminates as a steady green, the CitiZ is prepared for action. Make sure you’ve inserted the pod and press the appropriate button. Approximately twenty seconds later, your much-needed morning coffee will be ready for you to enjoy.


While it’s generally a straightforward and simple machine to use, the Nespresso CitiZ does have some cool functional features we like.

Automatic Shut-off

The machine shuts off automatically after nine minutes, so you can walk away from the device without worry as soon as you’re done using it. This feature is useful for forgetful individuals who fret about whether or not they’ve left their coffee machine on. If nine minutes is too short, you can also program the CitiZ to shut off up to thirty minutes after you’ve finished using it.

Adjustable Coffee Size

Changing the size of the espresso is a breeze. All you have to do is press and hold the button you usually use until you have the preferred amount of espresso. When you do this, the machine “remembers” your choice for the next time, so you only have to “tell” it once. This feature is somewhat basic, however, so if you want to program exact volumes, choose something else.

Adjustable Cup Tray

And lastly, the folding cup tray is a small detail that makes the unit easy to use with whatever size mug you prefer. Flip it up if you want to have a latte in a big mug. Flip it down when you want to use a small espresso cup or when you want to remove used capsules from the machine.


NESPRESSO CITIZ Energy Saving function

Users seem to be relatively pleased with this appliance’s longevity. If you compare it to other more expensive stainless steel models, those will clearly be more durable, but we’re pleased with the sturdiness of the CitiZ for the price. It should stand up to daily use just fine.

Should you experience any issues with broken parts, Nespresso does include a two-year warranty for the CitiZ. However, some users complain about less-than-stellar customer service from the company.


For some, design may be one of the less critical features of their coffee machine. We thought we’d mention it anyway for those who want to maintain their kitchen’s Pinterest aesthetic.

The Nespresso CitiZ comes in several colors. You can choose from a full chrome finish, or a plastic matte finish in white, black, or red.

In general, all of Nespresso’s products are reasonably sleek, but we consider the CitiZ to be one of the more attractive espresso machines in its price range. The chrome details elevate the simple design without being distracting, and the colors are bright and clean. It’s a beautifully understated appliance that can fit in any setting.

Water Tank

We mentioned in the product specs section that the CitiZ has a 34-ounce water reservoir. It has the biggest size tank of all the OriginalLine machines, which is what distinguishes it from the line’s cheaper models. The tank capacity of the Essenza Mini, for example, is just 20.3 ounces.

While water tank size may not be a make-or-break feature, a bigger reservoir means you can go significantly longer without having to refill it—which is helpful if more than one person uses the machine. If you’re deciding between various comparable models in the lower price range, this feature is one to consider.

And in terms of water tank functionality, removing and refilling it is straightforward. It is worth mentioning that the water tank is at the back, and removing it may be tricky if you place the coffee maker under low cabinets, though this is true for a vast majority of capsule machines.

Coffee Quality

Nespresso CitiZ High-pressure pump

When it comes to coffee quality, customers choose Nespresso for the excellent quality of their products. The brand operates under the premise that the best machine in the world is useless if you use subpar coffee, and we have to agree.

Of course, there’s always going to be a difference between single-serve pod machines and coffee-shop espresso pulled by a barista. But if you’re looking for the latter, you won’t be interested in a machine like the Nespresso CitiZ anyway. We will say that when it comes to capsule quality, Nespresso delivers the best flavor and taste out there.

You can expect full-bodied crema from Nespresso’s capsules that pairs flawlessly with perfectly frothed milk from the Aerrocino milk frother, which we discuss in greater detail below. There are lots of different blends to choose from, and they’re classified by drink type and intensity. Our Nespresso capsules guide can help you get started if you’re not sure which one to pick.

There’s a flavor for everyone, and all of Nespresso’s aluminum capsules are hermetically sealed, which keeps freshness locked in to deliver the taste you’ll love. And each Nespresso machine, the CitiZ included, has a high-pressure pump that replicates a barista-style espresso shot. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to extract the flavors and aromas of each capsule.

The CitiZ Aerrocino

The CitiZ is available with or without the Aerrocino milk frother, and in our opinion, it’s worth the added cost. This handy addition allows users to expand their coffee repertoire to create lattes and cappuccinos. It’s a separate piece, though the design is integrated for use with the coffee maker, attaching to the side port and detaching for convenient cleaning.

We like that it has various options for heating and frothing milk, and you can froth both cold and hot milk with a simple push of a button. Figuring out how to achieve the consistency you want may take some trial and error, however, and a trick to reduce the intensity of the foam is to remove the outer circle on the whisk.

Make sure to pay attention to the maximum capacity (4 oz) if you’re preparing cold milk froth to allow room for the foam to form. (Hot milk stays at the 8 oz max capacity.) And remember never to submerge the Aerrocino in water, lest you ruin the electrical components.

Check out this video from Nespresso on how to use the Aeroccino.

Final Thoughts

The Nespresso CitiZ does its job. You get all the things you expect from Nespresso, like a functional design and plenty of options for coffee flavors. Overall, we’d rate it an excellent pod machine if you fall into its target user audience. Coffee drinkers who want a no-frills, get-the-job-done kind of machine with some milk frothing capabilities should like it.

However, our issue with the CitiZ is that the price tag is significantly higher than the cheaper base models—which would be fine if it had a lot more bells and whistles. Except for the larger water reservoir, the upgrades on the CitiZ are marginal at best. You could spend a bit more money and get something more robust.

See how the Nespresso Citiz compares to the Keurig Rivo!

Our Recommendation

Our recommendation if you’re looking for something fast and convenient is to go with the less expensive version, the Essenza Mini. There’s no real reason to choose the pricier CitiZ over the Essenza Mini. Conversely, if what you’re after is a more standard size of a cup, consider checking out the VertuoLine series—either the Evoluo or the VertuoPlus.

And if you’re stuck between various Nespresso models, be sure to check out our guide to choosing the best Nespresso machine.

Nespresso CitiZ Review: Quick And Easy To Use For Everyone

This small dimensional espresso machine does just as good of a job as a large one. Check out our full review on the Nespresso CitiZ machine.

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