GNU/Linux India

A place for Indian Linux enthusiasts.

GNU/Linux India is an Indian group of GNU/Linux enthusiasts who like to discuss, develop and provide guidance on free software. While the name says GNU/Linux India, we are open to all types of software discussion (as long as it’s not proprietary ;) ).



projects of community members outside or inside:

Pystardust aka Harshith

bugswriter aka suraj khushwah

gtlsgamr aka hitarth thummar

AryaK aka Arya Kiran

NeoVoid aka the pineapple guy 🍍

About Us

We are a community of people mostly from India who like stuff revolving around GNU, Linux, Unix, BSD etc.

This is a freeform community, not affiliated to any real world organisation. we are only connected via the communication platforms you can find us at. Truly a free tribe of people who love Free Libre Open Source Software and in extention GNU/Linux


A small corner on internet to share the best of what is going inside this awesome community of GNU/Linux enthuasiasts from India.

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    From now All sections (navs, etc) is included inside index.html therefore "one page" and can be accessed with #anchor tags. It saves lots of manual work to maintain more pages for many tags. And plus it feels like faster (0 loading time on tags).

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  • Welcome to the website of GNUlinuxindia
  • 🇮🇳 FOSS EVENTS 🐧

    Happening All over India

    Date Event
    01 April 2023 Event: PuneFOSS 2023
    28 January 2023 MiniDebConf TamilNadu 2023
    25 November 2022 Kharagpur Winter of Code 2022, KOSS, IIT KGP
    16 August 2022 DebianDay 2022 Trichy, Tamil Nadu