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The Best KRUPS Espresso Machine

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So, you’re thinking of investing in a KRUPS espresso machine to up your coffee game? That’s a wise choice…but it’s kind of stressful, too. How do you pick the right one?!

Regardless of the KRUPS brewer you pick, it’ll likely be a great investment, as the brand’s known for consistent quality, durability, and lots of options loved by coffee connoisseurs and amateurs alike. 

Because the brand’s product roster is pretty full, boasting everything from drip coffee makers to coffee grinders, we rounded up some of KRUPS’s best offerings in espresso machines so you don’t have to. Read on for a full rundown of our favorites!

At a Glance: Our Top 5 Picks For Best Krups Espresso Machines

How to Pick the Best Espresso Machine

All of the listed KRUPS machines produce rich, robust, high-quality coffee and meet our expectations for sleek design, quality engineering, efficiency, brewing capabilities, and more. However, each one boasts its own set of bonus features that will ultimately determine whether it will work for you.

To help you better weigh your options, we’re going to highlight each machine’s unique characteristics as well as review its output, complexity, and design.

Quick Summary: Best Krups Espresso Machines

KRUPS EA89 Deluxe One-Touch Super Automatic Espresso and Cappuccino Machine, 15 Fully Customizable...KRUPS EA89 QUATTRO FORCE DIGITAL SUPER FULLY AUTOMATIC ESPRESSO MACHINE
  • 15 Fully Customizable Drinks
  • User-Friendly
  • Modern Style
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KRUPS EA8250 Fully Auto Espresso Machine, Espresso Maker, Burr Grinder, 60 Ounce, BlackKRUPS EA8250 SUPER AUTOMATIC ESPRESSO MACHINE
  • Fully Automatic 1450-Watt Espresso
  • User-Friendly Control Panel
  • Thermoblock Heating Technology
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KRUPS XP3208 15-BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker, 1.5-Liter, BlackKRUPS XP3208 STEAM AND PUMP ESPRESSO MACHINE
  • 15 Bar Pump Espresso
  • Manual Selection For Ultimate Control
  • Removable 1.5 Liter Tank For Easy Filling
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KRUPS EA9010 Fully Auto Cappuccino Machine Espresso Maker, Automatic Rinsing, Two Step Milk Frothing...KRUPS EA9010 BARISTA ONE-TOUCH CAPPUCCINO SUPER AUTOMATIC ESPRESSO MACHINE
  • Automatic Rinsing
  • Two Step Milk Frothing Technology
  • One-Touch Digital Screen With 17 Recipes
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KRUPS XP100050 Steam Espresso Machine with Frothing Nozzle for Cappuccino, BlackKRUPS XP100050 SOLO STEAM ESPRESSO MACHINE
  • With Frothing Nozzle For Cappuccino
  • Very Compact 4-Bar Steam Espresso Machine
  • Easy To Operate
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KRUPS XP344C51 Professional Coffee Maker Calvi Steam and Pump Compact Espresso Machine, 1-Liter,...KRUPS XP344C51 COMPACT ESPRESSO MACHINE
  • 15-Bar Pump Pressure
  • Compact Thermoblock System
  • Manual Selection Control
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KRUPS XP1020 Steam Espresso Machine with Glass Carafe, 4-Cup, BlackKRUPS XP1020 STEAM ESPRESSO MACHINE
  • Glass Carafe With Stay-Cool Handle
  • Single And Double Shot Filter Baskets
  • Burn-Out Protection
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Manual, Semi-Automatic, or Super-Automatic?

Just a heads up before we dive in: it’s important you know the difference between manual, semi-automatic, and super-automatic espresso machines so you can understand exactly what the machine can do and determine how hands-on you have to be. 


This machine is for the budding barista who likes to be involved in the coffee-making ritual. Because new technology has come along and made the brewing process so simple, it’s hard to find a coffee shop or even a person who still relies on a manual method for brewing espresso. However, some coffee purists hold onto this brewing method for one reason: control. As you grind and tamp your own beans and operate the lever, you’re completely in charge of the brewing process, which guarantees a shot of joe you’re going to love. 


Compared to manual machines, super-automatic espresso makers fall on the other end of the spectrum. Super-automatic espresso machines require you to relinquish control, leaving the fate of your morning cup in the typically capable hands of a sleek, metal machine. Even then, they usually boast quite a few programmable features and tend to have all the bells and whistles built-in — having one of these babies is pretty much like having a barista on your kitchen counter! But unfortunately, with that convenience usually comes a higher price point.


Semi-automatic machines bring the best of both worlds, combining the ease and convenience of a super-automatic machine with the control given by a manual espresso maker. Here at Roasty, we tend to find ourselves favoring semi-automatic machines over others. All of the automatic capabilities come in handy when you’re still a bit groggy but need to make yourself a cup in the wee morning hours before work, but being able to grind and tamp your beans helps to make sure you’re getting your espresso exactly how you want it. 

Our Picks for The Best KRUPS Espresso Machine

KRUPS Quattro Force Digital Super Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

When making your morning cup of coffee, you’ll find this automatic beast has incredible functions that are accessible at a push of a button — you’ll want to use every remarkable feature, and we can’t blame you!

KRUPS emphasizes this machine’s superior performance at every step, from grinding and tamping to brewing and cleaning. You know you’ll be sipping perfect espresso every day. The Quattro Force is a good match for coffee lovers who value convenience and want to enjoy an entire coffee shop menu from the comfort of their own homes. 

As we mentioned, there are options galore! Pick from 15 preset options, including seven espresso drinks, five milk-based coffees, three gourmet teas, and an extra shot button for those kinds of days…you know, the ones where you can barely keep your eyes open but you still have to function…

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Customizable features include the quantity of coffee in your cup, brew strength, temperature settings, and coffee grind size. A travel mug can also fit under the adjustable spout, as it has a mug clearance of around six inches, which is perfect for the days when you need to take your joe on the go.

This programmable coffee maker might boast lots of options, but using it couldn’t be simpler. It’s definitely a user-friendly device with tactile buttons that command the machine to do all the hard work. There’s even a frothing wand, a removable drip tray, and clear on-screen instructions to follow during cleaning and maintenance. 

The extra-large 2.3-liter water reservoir and 260-gram bean hopper make the KRUPS EA89 Deluxe a pretty big machine, so you’ll need to set aside a decent amount of space for it on your coffee bar. As far as style is concerned, looks match the output. In other words, it’s superior; the awesome chrome exterior will make your coffee setup so aesthetically pleasing that even a professional barista would be jealous of what you’re working with. 

KRUPS Super Automatic Espresso Machine, EA8250 

Super by name, super by nature. The EA8250 is simple yet powerful — kind of like a Swiss Army Knife of the coffee world! There’s an LCD panel, multiple strength and length coffee options, and some nice automatic features. This machine’s a great choice for homes with multiple coffee drinkers, new at-home brewers, and those who don’t want to be hands-on. 

There are four pre-loaded menu choices — espresso, strong espresso, coffee, long coffee — plus a built-in manual steam nozzle, which means this machine should satisfy the entire household. There are also three adjustable settings for grind size (find the dial in the bean hopper) and temperature you can change to get your ideal cup. It’s worth noting the EA8250 is only for whole beans, and it’s recommended not to use dark roast beans because of the oil.

Fortunately, this espresso machine is super easy to use. You barely have to lift a finger! It tracks everything, giving you reminders and a count down so you’ll know when it’s time to clean it — the display even guides you on how to clean each section! The steam nozzle is manual, though, so it might take a few tries for complete newbies to get professional standard foam.

For an automatic machine with a sizeable water tank (1.7 liters) and adequate coffee bean hopper (260 grams), the size of the brewer is surprising. It measures 11.5 by 8 by 12.5 inches, so it doesn’t take up huge amounts of counter space. If you’re someone with low clearance and not a lot of room to spare, this could be a great match. While the black plastic exterior won’t be winning the KRUPS Super Automatic any beauty pageants, it’s not necessarily ugly, either. 

KRUPS XP3208 Steam and Pump Espresso Machine

KRUPS’s XP3208 isn’t flashy, but the simple manual coffee machine will quickly give you access to your morning cup of crack, er, coffee, consistently and at a high quality. This is a nice intro machine for novice home baristas that want to get more hands-on in the process. 

The rapid heat-up time means you’ll be getting your coffee fast, and the pump with 15 bars of pressure is above the average for professional-quality, delicious coffee. There are one or two-cup and single or double shot options plus a built-in steam nozzle so you can replicate the bubbly steamed milk that tops all of your coffee shop favorites.

And when it comes to the type of coffee you use with this machine, you’ve got a choice: ground coffee (which you’ll tamp yourself using the included coffee scoop and tamper) or coffee pods.

There is a small learning curve for new manual machine users, as getting to the first sip of coffee in the morning requires a bit more work than simply pushing a button. However, that doesn’t mean the machine is too complex to master. It has a manual dial and a steamer button, so once you load the coffee grounds or pod, turn the dial and wait (not too long, though, as the machine’s quite fast). 

Cleaning the brewer is just as simple, as the steam wand and drip tray are removable. 

The compact machine, boasting a generous 1.5-liter water tank, won’t take up much valuable kitchen real estate. The only downside to its design is that because it comes at a pretty affordable price, you can’t expect super durable materials; the exterior is predominantly plastic. 

KRUPS EA9010 Barista One-Touch Cappuccino Super Automatic Espresso Machine EA9010

Almost completely automated, the EA9010 might scare a few off with all its advanced technology (and, let’s be honest, big price tag), but it’s easy to use and totally worth the investment. Versatile, consistent, makes top-notch coffee, and is packed with automatic functionalities, this machine is a luxury option ideal for those who want to kick off the day with both the convenience of a coffee shop and the comfort of their own home.

Want options? Okay…how about 17? Use this brewer to produce several types of coffee, including ristretto, an espresso shot, black coffee, cappuccino, or a latte; you can even use it to get non-coffee beverages, like hot milk for steaming or hot water for a cup of tea. 

Dark roast fans will be pleased to know this machine comes with an attachment and a bypass doser for pre-ground coffee. Two of the most exciting features of this machine are the in-cup steam wand, which descends into your milk container to create froth to your liking, and the user profile function, allowing you to save up to eight preferences per profile without overriding each other.

Unfortunately, there is no size dial on the integrated grinder, but the control panel does allow you to select grind strength — the higher the strength, the finer the grind — which overcomes this small issue.

The EA9010 has totally intuitive controls. The touch screen control panel will walk you through the entire process of using the machine’s auto-start and shut-off features, automatic cleaning, adjusting drink recipes, and customizing user profiles.

There are only two pieces of manual maintenance: emptying the dregs box (which holds about 10 cups of coffee grounds) and the drip tray (which can fill up fast). But otherwise, don’t worry; when the machine needs something from you, it will ask. No thinking required!

For all the EA9010 can do, the size is quite reasonable. The medium-sized brewer needs some height clearance, as it’s 22.8 by 14.9 by 19.5 inches. The water tank capacity is 1.7 liters, and the bean capacity is 250 grams. The plastic casing doesn’t do the machine justice, and while we would have loved to have seen some chrome,  it still looks pretty smart. Besides, it’s more about what it can do than how it looks. 

KRUPS XP100050 Solo Steam Espresso Machine

The XP100050 is a wicked little machine designed for small spaces. Compact design and professional-looking, it can deliver one cup of espresso or four and makes a good entry-level choice for a newbie that wants to start experimenting with brewing at home. 

You’ll get a lot of control with the XP100050 as a manual machine. The glass carafe can hold up to four cups, easily satisfying the morning dose. There is no easy-to-read LCD screen or programmable menu, but you can adjust the three-way switch knob and stream nozzle to give froth and taste to your liking.

It’s worth noting, though, that patience is a must here, as it can take up to 14 minutes to produce your coffee. 

The XP100050 uses steam pressure to pull the shot, which comes with a degree of danger if the pressure is not released after use — a fact very clearly stated in the instructions. The water cap needs to be very securely tightened not to lose pressure in the extraction process (muscles required!).

However, the overall operation is simple. Fill the water tank (that holds up to half a liter of water, by the way) to match your desired size of coffee and steam (calculators out for this initial piece of math), tamper your beans, and wait. As for cleaning, the drip tray comes right off, so it’s pretty simple. 

The petite and stylish XP100050 is so compact but still professional, and it measures around 12 by 9.8 by 14.1 inches. 

KRUPS XP344C51 Compact Espresso Machine

This machine can be categorized as the F1 car of the KRUPS brewing world: it’s fast, compact, and smart. The Thermoblock technology produces a fast heat-up time (around 30 seconds), and the 15 bar pump pressure delivers consistent high quality, making this machine worthy of a podium place. The XP344C51 is a solid machine, simple and good for coffee drinkers just entering the manual world. 

You get three settings — espresso, preheat, and steam — plus one cup or two-cup for a single or double espresso. There is also a stream nozzle that rotates 280 degrees for frothy milk. For the low price point, it’s great to see that the XP344 has an automatic pre-brewing cycle (adds some water to the filter, then stops for a moment, then continues) to extract more of that delicious aroma and taste.

As another user-friendly KRUPS device that is easy to set up and maintain, it comes with a built-in tamper system, which means you don’t need to press the coffee yourself, and the water tank and drip tray are simple to remove and clean. The big knob-switch is nicely tactical and controls all operations.

The XP344 is narrow and will slot into small kitchens. The chrome finish looks great too. We think you’ll really enjoy the top storage where the filters and measuring spoon goes, as it keeps things all neat and tidy. The water storage is 1.1 liter, and the unit measures approximately 14.5 by 7.8 by 13.8 inches. 

KRUPS XP1020 Steam Espresso Machine 

Last but certainly not least is a petite little thing only measuring about 9 by 9 by 11 inches. But don’t let yourself be turned off by its small size and simple design; the XP1020 can brew some bold coffee. 

This steam espresso maker uses 750 watts to brew up to four cups of espresso at once, and because the glass carafe (equipped with a long, stay-cool handle for your safety) is clear, you can watch every ounce of your delicious java flow right into it. 

The little brewer also comes with a removable drip tray for easy cleanup, a metal portafilter, and filter baskets for both single and double shots. The espresso machine’s additional accessories also include a seven-gram coffee scoop, which is perfect for brewing the right amount of beans every time. And thanks to an oversized ergonomic knob, the steam wand is super user-friendly. 

What should I look for in an espresso machine?

Every KRUPS coffee maker has a place in the world, but that place might not necessarily be in your kitchen. However, weighing the following factors is a great way to ensure you and other coffee lovers find your perfect match among the wide range of options available. 


Volume, or brewing capacity, is perhaps one of the most practical features for you to consider when buying a coffee maker. How many cups of coffee will your household drink? Do you only need one cup to get going in the morning, or will you need a whole carafe of hot coffee to make it out the door? 

Something else to note here is that households with multiple coffee drinkers will also have higher machine usage, so not only will you need to look at brewers that can make the right amounts of coffee, but you’ll also need to be certain it’s durable enough to handle that much brewing. For the highest durability, lean away from plastic and consider steel, as it’s sturdier.


KRUPS has machines that can produce a wide variety of coffee drinks, from creamy cappuccinos to foamy lattes, plus machines that are only intended to brew a simple shot of espresso. 

Consider your own preferences. Think about whether customizing brewing strengths is important to you and note whether or not your brewer needs an extra or double shot option. Think about the coffee beans you’ll use, too, and decide whether or not you’ll use pre-ground coffee, whole beans, or pods. 

Maintenance and Cleaning

With great coffee comes great responsibility. So, if you want your machine to have a long life, then cleaning and maintenance are realities you’ll need to factor in. The nice thing about the KRUPS machines we’ve reviewed above, however, is that they require minimal deconstruction to clean, which makes brewer upkeep super simple. 


We know everyone’s price ranges differ, and that’s why we think it’s worth mentioning that budget should be a pretty significant factor in deciding what machine you’ll purchase. Don’t break the bank; we promise there are quality machines that come at an attractive price. 

A Note For Espresso Purists…

It’s important for all coffee lovers looking to invest in a KRUPS brewer (or any coffee maker, for that matter) to consider the factors listed above, but this little tidbit of information is especially for the true espresso lover. 

If you’re passionate about pulling a perfect shot every time, there are some Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) espresso standards you’ll want your machine to fulfill:

  • It should produce 25 to 35 milliliters (which is about an ounce) of espresso from seven to nine grams of finely ground beans. 
  • The water temperature should reach 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • During the extraction process, water should be pushed through the machine with at least nine to 10 bars of pressure.
  • The brew time should be 20 to 30 seconds. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of maintenance should I carry out to prolong my KRUPS machine’s life?

After you invest in a product from the roster of KRUPS coffee makers, you’ll surely want to get the most out of it. To prolong the life of your new electronic baby, be sure to follow the machine’s specific recommendations and use KRUPS maintenance products so you won’t compromise the warranty. A nice thing to note about the brand is that it has multiple repair centers you can utilize during and after the warranty period.

Something specific you’ll need to watch for in your machine is limescale. It’s a brewer-killer because it clogs the tubes and destroys the taste of your beloved coffee. Use filtered water or add a filter to the machine’s water tank (if it allows) to remove the lime, lead, and other particles. Note that even with filtering, you’ll still need to descale the coffee maker. Your water hardness will determine how often, but typically, it needs to be done every four months or so.

What additional features come with KRUPS espresso machines?

KRUPS has a longstanding reputation for quality, flaunts high levels of customer satisfaction, and has become a well-known player in the coffee game. And thanks to the wide variety of options for taste output, bean type, grind size, brew strength, and design, it’s easy to see the company understands each coffee lover is unique.

Many KRUPS coffee makers have a patented Thermoblock heating system integrated into the machine to produce piping hot (and we mean HOT!) joe. Other innovative features may include a built-in coffee grinder, a coffee bean container, or an auto-start function. 

The company’s primary purpose is to design efficient and affordable equipment to make your daily coffee brewing experience easier and more enjoyable. So whichever KRUPS coffee maker you choose from their plethora of options, we think it’s pretty safe to say you’ll be sipping happily.

Happy Caffeinating!

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