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Hario v60 Scale Review

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Hario v60 Scale Review

The perfect cup of coffee involves weighing out the water and coffee you use to ensure you get the ratio right. This is especially important in a commercial setup, you know, to win more customers with great coffee. But there are many homebrewers for whom it’s part of their morning routine.

All this precision may seem unnecessary and even pretentious, but you’d be surprised by how important it is. The measuring enables accuracy and consistency, two essential components of coffee brewing.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Coffee Scale

Hario V60 Drip Coffee Pour Over Scale, Stainless Steel

Before you go splurging on a coffee scale, it’s essential to know what to look for to help you choose from the various options available on the market. Below are the three main factors to consider when buying a coffee scale.


Most coffee enthusiasts know that accuracy is a vital quality in a scale. You should select a scale depending on the level of consistency and precision you desire. An accurate scale should typically measure one to two decimal places. It should also measure units in grams because they’re more accurate than ounces.


Coffee scales come in different dimensions, and a common misconception among many is that the size of their scale is of no relevance. However, when purchasing a scale, you should choose one that’s large enough to hold all of your apparatus. Otherwise, if it’s smaller, it won’t serve you, and you may end up having to buy another scale.


Although most brewers don’t consider a scale’s portability an essential factor, it’s an important aspect.

It’s advisable to select a scale that powers on batteries instead of electricity. That’s because a scale that runs on electricity means moving it around isn’t an option. After all, you have to plug it in for it to function. However, with a scale that runs on batteries, you can freely move and place it anywhere.

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Product Overview

The Hario v60 drip coffee scale has set the bar high and proved to be a top-notch scale choice built for the specialty coffee community. It comes equipped with a quick timing feature and a drip-sensitive scale that enables you to keep your measurements accurate.

It’s also designed with an acute sensitivity to eliminate all doubts because the scale measures up to 0.1 grams, ensuring consistency and preciseness. If you plan on brewing your coffee at home, the Hario v2 has an inbuilt timer and drip sensitivity, making it the perfect choice.

What’s more, the scale is simple and easy to use. And although it seems compact, it can accommodate brewers of all sizes. The Hario v60 scale is powered by batteries, making it fully portable.

Things We Like

  • It’s easy to use.
  • Has an inbuilt timer.
  • Easy to clean as all you need is a wet sponge.
  • Measures up to 0.1 grams.

Room for Improvement

  • It only measures in grams.
  • Some users may find the auto power feature annoying because if it powers off while you’re in the middle of the process, you’ll have to start all over again.
  • It easily comes off because the top is plastic.
  • It’s costly compared to other models.

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Features and Benefits

The  Hario v60 drip scale has made waves in the brewing industry. Its new and unique features make it a top-notch choice for many home coffee brewers and even baristas. Below are the main Hario v60 scale features.


The Hario v60 drip scale is among the most precise coffee makers, giving very accurate measures of up to 0.1 grams. However, the scale only measures up to 0.1 grams for the first 200 grams, 0.5 grams for 200 to 500 grams, and 1.0 grams for anything above 500 grams.

A precise scale is essential, especially if you use it for commercial reasons. This is an important aspect of the Hario v60 scale as it allows you to measure the exact amount (up to one-tenth of a gram) of ingredients needed to make the perfect cup of coffee.

I recommend the Hario v60 drip scale as it never disappoints even the fussiest of coffee drinkers.

Hario V60 Drip Coffee Pour Over Scale, Stainless Steel

Integrated Timer

The Hario v60 features a state-of-the-art built-in drip timer that allows you to have perfect bloom times and pours each time you’re brewing coffee. I find this a beneficial feature in cases where precise pourings are required.

It also gives you absolute control over the coffee-making process, a feature that most users highly appreciate.

This built-in timer allows you to monitor your brewing, helping you avoid over or under brewing your coffee. Most brewers prefer the inbuilt timer over manually timing yourself, which often can lead to a simple mistake that could ruin everything.

Sleek Design

Even though the Hario v60 drip scale appears small and is a compact scale, it is still very sturdy and provides ample space for larger coffee makers. It measures (17” X 14” X 11”), and the scale only weighs about 258 grams.

The scale comes in either black or silver finishing that gives it an elegant look much like other Hario products. It also features a hole on the back by which you can hang it up. However, the hole easily scratches when hanging the scale, so it’s essential to be careful.

Another feature is its simple digital screen that most users appreciate, although it’s not LED. The scale runs on 2 AAA batteries placed in a compartment at the bottom of the scale.


Maybe you’ve been in a coffee shop and had a cup of coffee that was fantastic, or you were brewing coffee at home and happened to make the perfect cup. In both of these cases, you wished you could have the same thing every morning for the rest of your life.

With the Hario v60 drip scale’s new and exciting features, such as the inbuilt timer and precise measuring, I assure you that making coffee that tastes the same every single day is possible.

Easy to Use

Although it’s quite advanced, many users consider the Hario v60 to have one of the most straightforward designs and be one of the most accurate coffee scales out there. After purchase, you’ll find it relatively simple to use as no additional assembly is required since the product is compact.

The scale measures using the metric system, so you don’t have to spend time converting all your measurements, a feature that’ll help you save a lot of hustle and time.

You’ll find that there are only two touch-sensitive buttons on the scale, each located on one side. One button acts as the on/off switch and the other as the timer start/stop function, while the digital screen sits between the two buttons for clear visibility.

Auto Power Off

Have you ever noticed that you keep leaving the coffee maker on regardless of how hard you try to avoid doing this?

Well, lucky for you because the new Hario v60 scale has the solution to this problem. It has a power-off feature that automatically activates itself after five minutes’ inactivity (except in cases where the timer is on), a feature I know most users will come to appreciate.

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Should you find that the Hario v60 drip scale isn’t quite the right choice for you, there’s always an alternative. You could go with either of the following options:

Coffee Gator Digital Scale

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If just measuring in grams is not enough, this digital scale measures in ounces, pounds, and volume. It’s excellent at measuring liquids, which makes it a top choice for baristas.

Compared to the Hario v60 drip scale, it also has an additional tray and non-slip rubber bottom to prevent slipping off the scale or the scale slipping off the counter.

Jennings CJ4000

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Equally reputable to the Hario v60 drip scale, the Jennings is also a common household choice. If you need to measure a larger amount, Jennings measures 4000g, over the Hario v60 at 2000g.

This scale is a great choice for those who do a lot of measuring at a time. Unlike the Hario v60, it has a rechargeable battery and the ability to disable the auto-off feature.

Felicita Arc Coffee Scale

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If the Hario v60 is too simple and you’re looking for something with more settings, the Felicita Arc coffee scale is a great alternative. This coffee scale has an auto-start-stop timer, bluetooth connectivity, memory function, and more. It can even incorporate your pour speed through the Felicita app.

Timemore Black Mirror Basic Scale

If you’re looking for a cheaper option that has what the Hario v60 has to offer, the Timemore Black Mirror gets close.

Like the Hario scale, it measures up to 0.1 grams, measures a maximum capacity of 2000g, and has an auto-timer. The Timemore scale is modern-looking with a minimalist design and a hidden LED display. Its main setback is that it only features one brewing mode.


There you have it. You now know what to consider when choosing a coffee scale and what makes the Hario v60 scale the right choice for your daily manual brewing needs. And for those of you who don’t find the Hario v60 to be a great fit, you have alternatives to pick from. The Hario v60 scale offers precision, portability, and accuracy, enabling you to make a sick cup especially if you’re a pour-over coffee lover.

Happy Caffeinating!

Hario v60 Scale Review: Intended For A Consistent Cup Of Coffee
Hario v60 Scale Review

Perfectionism with your coffee is no flaw. Use the Hario v60 scale to make a great cup ESPECIALLY if you're into the pour-over kind.

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