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The Top 24 Most Comical Coffee Signs

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Searching for the funniest coffee signs for you to enjoy? These comical coffee signs are guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Show your love for coffee in a cute and humorous way with these hilarious coffee signs!

Looking to redecorate your coffee corner in your kitchen? How about your coffee shop, pub, or restaurant? Whether you’re redecorating your private kitchen/coffee area, or even opening up a new business and need some wall art decor, these signs are guaranteed to make any and all coffee lovers smile. 

Signs For the Individual brewer

If you’re looking to redecorating your kitchen, coffee area, office space, or are just looking to spruce your place up a little, any of these signs will add a spark to your space and put a smile on your face. With a range of cute and silly to sarcastically comical, these signs are some of the best to read and enjoy while brewing your first coffee of the day. 

1. Seriously, Very Seriously

Is your morning cup of coffee the last thing you think about as you fall asleep at night? Is brewing your first, second, third, millionth cup of coffee the best part of your morning? Get a sign that matches how seriously–VERY seriously–you take your coffee. Part of the Primitives Collection by Kathy Wood, this smaller 6″ x 2.5″ is one of the smallest signs on our list, yet probably packs the biggest punch. 

2. A Hoppin’ cup Of Jim

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Calling all Stranger Things Fans! This sign has the Jim Hopper stamp of approval, or at least we think so. A medium size of 8″ x 12″, and a simple yet elegant cursive font, this wooden sign makes a sweet, enjoyable addition to your coffee space. If you tend to drift more towards the modern farmhouse style, this is a small yet sweet addition to your rustic space. 

3. For the safety of your loved ones

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Another hilarious design featured in the Signature Primitives collection, tell your family, friends, and coworkers how much you care about their safety with this comical warning. If that first sip of coffee in the morning is the instant cure for your sleep-deprived, caffeine-deprived crankiness, remind your friends about it with this simple 7″x3″ sign for your home, office, or wherever! 

4. For the Hogwarts Alumni

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If you love coffee almost as much as you love butterbeer, “espresso” your love for it with this wholesome espresso patronum sign! Coming in a wide range of small and large sizes, add an extra dose of magic to your home that you can enjoy each morning while sipping your cup of caffeine magic. If you prefer less of a graphic option, there’s a more clean-cut, there’s also a modern-designed poster as well! 

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5. the serene sloth

A balance of materials like lightly stained, solid wood, and strong metal magnets, this neutral-colored, modern designed sign appeals to the nerdy animal lovers of the world. This sign consists of a 12″ teak wood hanging frame and one coffee-drinking, meditating sloth canvas art poster that’s 11″ x 16.5″. Add an extra dose of positivity and zen to your morning coffee-brewing ritual!

6. Drink Coffee, Drop A Beat

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This is the sign’ that’ll make you smile–it’ll be hangin’ on your wall for a while. Dreary Monday mornin’ ahead? Drag yourself out of bed, half-dead, hit the brew button, get goin’ with a little sip of somethin’ (freshly brewed coffee, we mean). No, we aren’t the best at bustin’ a rhyme, but with this sign we don’t have to be!

7. the straightforward coffee sipper

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We get it. You don’t need a cheesy quote to get you through the day. Sometimes you only need a sip of coffee to inspire you. Put this in your kitchen and everyone else will get it too. This minimalist modern-styled sign by Barnyard Designs perfectly matches the straightforward, sarcastically fun message you’ve been looking for. If you aren’t into inspirational quotes, this is the perfect inspirational quote for you. 

8. No Caffination? No Motivation

Make sure your coworkers and employees know what your real priorities are. If you have a workaholic friend who depends on coffee to get them through the dreadful 9-to-5, these four little words are sure to brighten their workday. Yet another design featured in the Primitives Collection, this small sign can either be hung on the wall or can stand up on its own on your office desk. 

9. For Your Favorite Pothead

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You may not be able to smoke it, but you CAN drink it–coffee, that is. Since this edgy pun is designed with the rustic, farmhouse feel, the two slightly conflicting themes add another layer of comedy to this sign, making it even more enjoyable. The sturdy wood frame is made of fir wood that’s an inch thick and based on the material alone, this sign will is durable enough for you to decorate with it for years to come. 

10. Alexa, Make Coffee

What’s better than brewing your own coffee? That’s right: commanding your robot slave to brew it for you. A sleek, simple, minimal sign with a modern font, your technology-savvy friends will enjoy adding this to their kitchen space ASAP. If you feel like you’re constantly searching for another cup of coffee as well as the newest, most advanced tech gadget, this is the sign for you.

11. No EEffocs Given

If you don’t give “eeffoc” about coffee signs, you may want to give this one a double-take.
With a simple background, yet with a combination of flowy cursive and bold, boxy minimal fonts, the humor is displayed plainly yet tastefully. This 8×10″ wall print is perfect for the sarcastic coffee lover’s kitchen, coffee bar, bedroom, office, anywhere! However, you’ll have to find a frame yourself since one doesn’t come with the print. 

12. Meet Your Master

Designed by Fuzzy Ink, this observational form of aggressive, witty, and playful everyday humor is plain and simple, yet deeply relatable. With bold colors and a contemporary feel, this poster pretty much sums up any coffee lover’s addiction. Any coffee addict understands the mood behind the sarcasm in this sign, and it definitely deserves a spot on your wall. 

Comical Signs For All Coffee Lovers

For all we know, you may have funny coffee signs covering your kitchen walls at home already. However, if the signs below, as well as the ones above, also deserve a spot on the wall of your coffee shop, restaurant, office, or anywhere you want! 

1. Killer Kitty

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Need to spice up your coffee shop decor? This sassy cat sign is a great addition to entertain your customers and employees. Made out of heavy-duty high-quality tinplate, this 8″x 12″ sign is a fitting decorative piece for a more adult-ish pub, coffee shop, or restaurant setting–especially if you’re looking for a more retro-themed art. 

2. A Sign So Good, It’s Evil

Another mischievous metal sign, this sarcastically humorous sign it for the coffee drinkers who are sassy, classy, and a little smart-assy after their first cup of coffee. Designed with pre-drilled holes for easy hanging, this will cater to the humor of your more cynical, dark-humored customers. 

3. Quitters Don’t quit

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A more contemporary-styled, clean-cut poster, this motivational coffee poster has a dose of satire to put a smile on your face. What better way to sell coffee and encourage your customers to enjoy their cup of joe? One important thing to note is that this is actually an 8″x10″ poster, so you’ll also need to find a frame for it, but you can choose a frame that best fits your taste. 

4. Decaf: Don’t Do It

Espresso your disappointment with decaf coffee with this bluntly honest and amusing fact (at least we think so) on this sign. Though it’s a short, sharp statement in plain black text with a white background, the message is effective, relatable, and comical for your customers (and employees) to enjoy. Due to its simple design, it makes a great addition to any style of private kitchen or public coffee shop. 

5. Fuel Your Stupidity

Finally, a sign we all can relate to! This dry and humorous sign by Desperate Enterprises has a rustic, vintage feel that will add character to any coffee shop or restaurant. Made out of 100% tin, this is an American-made sign that’s spunky enough to spice up a mildly decorated shop, or compliment a colorful, wall-filled artistically themed coffee shop. 

6. drink coffee, get it done

Made out of solid wood fiberboard with a thickness of about 1/4 of an inch, the dimensions of this spunky and motivational sign are 5″ x 10″. Though it may not fit best in a family-friendly establishment, this motivational sign will definitely resonate in a more mature coffee shop or pub/bar setting. Another great characteristic about this sign is that the rope handle is easy to hang, and durable enough to reside both indoors and outdoors. 

7. Sleep When You’re Dead

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Add another touch of classic vintage with a zestful dash of dark humor, this lightweight metal sign is 12.5″ x 16″ and is designed with pre-drilled holes to make for easy hanging. With the bold color combination of red and tones of neutral tan/cream, this sign can easily accommodate any previous decorations in your shop or be the item to add a nice “pop” of color. 

8. For Overly-Caffeinated Coworkers

When you work in a coffee shop or restaurant, the coffee maker should be EVERYONE’S favorite companion! Entertain your employees and customers with this playful, lighthearted sign that gently pokes fun at the relationship between coffee shop co-workers and their love for joe–a cup of joe, that is. About 12″ x 8″ in size, this sarcastic sign is made of aluminum, making it durable for both indoor and outdoor settings. 

9. suspicious sips

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A fantasy-filled graphic-designed poster by Society6, this “Suspicious Mugs” sign doesn’t have a phrase on it, but it doesn’t need one! With a sense of playfulness and mystery, each little cup contains a small creature inside, presenting a fun, amusing, imaginative perspective of what empty coffee cups may contain. Though a frame isn’t included, this poster is printed on 100lb smooth gloss paper at 18″x 24″, allowing you to fit it almost anywhere. 

10. Drink Coffee And Know Things

Though he prefers wine, we believe this statement is probably Tyrion Lannister approved. An enjoyable combination of Game of Thrones vibes with a love of coffee and cats, this sign caters to a wide range of tastes. Not only will this sassy sign resonate with your nerdiest of customers, but it’ll make them smile, too. 

11. Death Before Decaf

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Another pun about decaf coffee, this sign takes the love of caffeine to a whole new level. Made of 100% high-quality waterproof metal, this Death Before Decaf sign also has pre-drilled holes that make the sign easy to hang in a coffee shop, restaurant, bar, or just about anywhere. 

12. Unruly customers, beware 

Last, but certainly not least, keep unruly customers at bay with his hilarious and friendly poster. A light-hearted warning, all you need is a compatible frame to display this well-humored, satirical omen for the customers who may have crazy, observant, trouble-stirring children. 

Characteristics for the Perfect Coffee Sign

Not all signs (or humor) are the same. Before you choose your favorite signs, there are some things to help you decide what sign best fits your sense of humor, as well as what’s aesthetically pleasing to your taste in design. Here are a few good signs of what makes a good sign, good!


When it comes to signs that have words or phrases on them, the font and font size can drastically alter the mood and the tone of the joke. For example, sweeter, calmer phrases may be depicted in a looser, flowy cursive font, while more powerful, aggressive, or commanding phrases may be in a bold, clean-cut, geometric style. However, you can make something humorous if you switch the type of font with the tone of the phrase/message, like in some of the signs listed above. 


If you spot a sign that you thoroughly enjoy, make sure it’ll last you for a long time. The best way to ensure the durability of your sign is to pay attention to the material that the sign is made out of. Not only will the material influence the durability, but it will also affect where you place it. For example, metal signs can be displayed either inside or outside, but if your sign is made of wood, plastic, glass, or even if it’s a poster of some kind, you may want to consider mounting it on an indoor wall. 


Lastly, you need to determine how large you’d like your comical message to be displayed. Depending on what kind of humor your sign exhibits, you may want to have some control over how bold or modest the joke is shown, especially if you’re purchasing a sign for public space. 

In Conclusion

Narrowing down the ideal comical coffee sign can be difficult. With so many styles of humor, designs, etc., finding the perfect sign that tickles your funny bone is no easy task. However, it isn’t impossible! Depending on your sense of humor and the aesthetic vibe you’re searching for, the sign that you may keep hanging for years in your home or coffee shop may not be too far out of reach. 

So have fun sign-searching and shopping and as always:

Happy caffeinating! 

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