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Frieling French Press Review: Does This Press Outdo The Rest?

Frieling French Press ReviewIf you’re a coffee fanatic like us, you know not all brewing methods are created equal. From the classic drip coffee maker to the well-loved percolator, there’s a perfect method for each and every coffee enthusiast.

Today, we focus on the French press and take a closer look at whether Frieling’s take on the popular product is a hit or miss.

The French Press: The Basics

A cup of French press coffee may taste a bit different than one made with a traditional drip machine. That’s because the paper filters needed for other machines absorb the natural oils from the coffee grounds.

Pressing coffee requires no paper filter, however, and all the flavor-filled oils remain present in your cup, giving your coffee a stronger and fuller taste and producing a high-quality cup of Joe every time.

The French press has been a beloved staple in the hearts of coffee connoisseurs for years, but it, like every other coffee brewing method, is not without flaw. Because grounds are steeped in hot water rather than filtered through it, there is likely to be a bit of sediment formed by coffee grounds and oils floating at the bottom of your cup.

Not an avid coffee drinker? No problem!

Though we are partial to coffee, you can even make tea in a French press with loose leaves, making it a wise investment for a variety of people.

Maybe you’re interested in revamping your coffee experience by integrating French press into your routine but are unsure where to start in purchasing a press of your own. Get started by checking out our full review below!

Meet the Frieling French Press

Since its establishment in 1988, American kitchenware company, Frieling, has made its mission to seek “fresh solutions” to meet their customers’ needs. Thanks to the company’s commitment to innovation, Frieling is home to a diverse range of products, including our good friend, the French press.

Frieling’s stainless steel press boasts a sediment-free coffee experience, and because of this, the sleek little coffee maker has become a favorite in many hotels and restaurants. And who knows? Maybe the Frieling French press could become a key player in your daily coffee routine, too!


While many of the French presses on the market today are made with glass and plastic, Frieling’s French press is made of 18/10 stainless steel, making it not only a luxurious statement piece on your kitchen counter but also a durable and long-lasting appliance.

And the best part? Each piece of the press is dishwasher-safe, even the stainless steel mesh plunger, so cleaning up after use takes no time at all.

Because strong steel coats it inside and out, the Frieling French press is a travel-friendly option for our guys and gals on the go, as there is no need to worry about cracks, chips, or shatters in transit. But keep in mind stainless steel tends to be prone to smudges, so maintaining the coffee maker’s shiny, brand-new look may prove to be difficult over time.


Frieling Double-Walled Stainless-Steel French Press Coffee Maker, Polished, 23 Ounces

The stainless steel French press is available in five different sizes — 8, 17, 23, 36, or 44 ounces — making it easy for you to find a press that best suits your needs, whether you’re making coffee for one or need a pot large enough to serve a group. Frieling also offers the choice between a brushed or mirror finish, depending on your personal preference.

The coffee maker has a double wall insulation system designed to keep coffee hot four times longer than the average glass press. You can even use the pitcher for cold liquids, so whether you’re serving hot coffee or a cool, refreshing glass of water, the double-wall works twice as hard to keep your beverage at your desired temperature.

Pouring your drink is easy, too, as the steel French press has a no-drip spout, so there’s no need to worry about losing even one drop of your precious morning caffeine boost.

The Frieling French press is equipped with a patented dual-screen filter system with a pre-filter and a layer of fine Italian mesh to keep sediment out of your cup while preserving all of your coffee’s natural oils.

The coffee maker’s plunger fits snugly inside the pitcher, and though that may mean you’ll need to use a little more muscle to press your coffee, you can be assured that no coffee grounds will sneak their way into your mug.

Frieling French Press – Is It Worth the Buy?

Things We Like:

  • This French press allows easy cleanup. As we mentioned earlier, the Frieling press and all of its parts are dishwasher-safe. There’s no disassembly required either, so there is no risk of losing or misplacing any pieces while they’re washed.
  • A French press isn’t a one-size-fits-all product, and luckily, Frieling kept that in mind when designing this award-winning stainless steel press. The variety of sizes guarantees that each customer is able to purchase a coffee maker that can adequately handle his caffeine needs. Whether you’re one cup a day kind of person, find yourself drinking two or three cups full of coffee daily, or need to make enough coffee to satisfy every member of your household, there is a high chance that you will find a press that gets the job done well.
  • We know many fast-paced and hectic mornings often force us to take our coffee-to-go, but we believe on your mornings off, you deserve the luxury of savoring every last caffeinated sip to the very last drop. This French press keeps coffee hotter than other leading presses for hours thanks to its double-wall stainless steel design, and though the morning may quickly fade into the afternoon, you can bet your batch of brew will still be at a drinkable temperature.

Room for Improvement:

  • In comparison to others on the market, this particular product is a bit on the expensive side. Sure, it has some convenient features, but unless you’re a serious coffee enthusiast or looking to supply a restaurant or hotel, shelling out the extra dough for this French press may not be totally worth it.
  • Though it does not affect how well the coffee presses or the way your beverage tastes, it’s fun to watch the magic happen in your press’s pitcher. Unfortunately, the Frieling’s solid metallic color does not allow the machine’s users to observe the coffee being pressed, but if this is a feature you are willing to let go of, the Frieling French press may be a good fit for you.

The Verdict

By now, you’re probably wondering whether you should give this shiny stainless steel French press a chance. And what do we think, you ask? It depends.

If you’re new to French pressed coffee and are looking to get your feet wet before fully immersing yourself in the brewing method, we recommend weighing less expensive options, like a classic Bodum French press. Bodum’s line of products manages to reflect company founder Peter Bodum’s mindset — “Good design doesn’t have to be expensive” — while working to ensure a good cup of brew, making it a wise choice for a beginner.

However, if you consider yourself a professional presser and are willing to shell out a few extra dollars for a higher-end product, the Frieling French press may very well be the coffee maker of your dreams.

And if you’re not quite sold on this press just yet, that’s OK. We get it; there are manypresses on the market, and choosing one can be an overwhelming feat. Be certain to research thoroughly to discover which French press best satisfies your needs before making an investment, and, as always, happy caffeinating!

Frieling French Press Review: Does This Press Outdo The Rest?
freiling french press

The Frieling French Press is certainly beautiful to look at, but does it make good coffee? Read our full review to find out.

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