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Bottomless vs. Trade Coffee: Which Subscription Is for You?

Both Bottomless Coffee and Trade Coffee work to provide you with coffee you love as often as you need it. While Bottomless uses a WiFi-enabled coffee scale to track when you need a top up, Trade lets you tell them how often you want to receive your coffee fix.

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Most of the time, people invest in a coffee subscription because they don’t want to keep track of when they need coffee. Instead, the coffee is delivered to their door based on their chosen frequency.

The problem is that every subscription service is different. Many of them let you pick shipment frequencies ranging from weekly to monthly, but what if you could get your coffee based on when you actually need it?

We found two coffee subscriptions that do just that. Bottomless Coffee and Trade Coffee both ensure you’re getting coffee based on how much you drink it, so there’s no coffee waste, and your beans are always fresh.

bottomless vs trade coffee

What is Bottomless Coffee?

Bottomless Coffee
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Bottomless is working on technologies never seen before. Starting with a Device that will learn about your coffee usage to deliver new and fresh coffee bags right when you need it.

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Bottomless Coffee is a subscription box that sets itself ahead of many others through its use of a WiFi-enabled coffee scale that analyzes the amount of coffee you use daily.

Bottomless Coffee subscription

Based on this data, Bottomless will automatically order your next bag of coffee for you. It also alerts you 12 hours before it ships, so you have time to cancel or change your delivery.

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They have a wide range of blends and roasters that you can always change, and they recommend new blends to try out based on your flavor profile.

What is Trade Coffee?

Trade Coffee Review
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Fresh, ethically-sourced coffee from local roasters. Free and fast delivery. Pause or cancel at any time.

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Trade Coffee offers many different blends roasted-to-order to guarantee freshness. They will suggest coffee selections for you after you take a short quiz to determine your coffee preferences.

Trade Coffee

You can also indicate how many cups of coffee you drink daily. With this information, Trade will give you options regarding how often you receive your coffee, whether it’s every 10 days or longer.

Trade’s website also provides brewing equipment and accessories to help you on your coffee journey!

How Are They Similar?

As you can see, both Bottomless Coffee and Trade Coffee strive to deliver your coffee based on your needs and how often you drink it. They also have a wide variety of freshly roasted coffees to choose from!

When picking coffee you’ll love, you can choose what gets delivered to you through Bottomless’ customization options and Trade Coffee’s short quiz. 

How Are They Different?

Though Bottomless and Trade are convenient subscription options that make your life easier, they have their differences.

While Trade lets you tell them how often you drink coffee to customize your delivery frequency, Bottomless’ electronic scale measures your coffee consumption more accurately, especially with the ability to alter the scale for accuracy.

Bottomless also has many more advanced customization options. You can pick specific grinds, blend or single-origin coffee, roaster specification, and tasting categories.

The coffee subscription boxes also differ in price, especially because of their different tiers and coffee blends.

NOTE: These are the prices at the time of writing. Be sure to check their websites for accuracy!

Bottomless Coffee Pricing

Bottomless Coffee has a flat fee that covers the scale and the coffee beans. Besides this, they do have three different plans to choose from.

Bottomless Coffee Pricing

The Basic tier starts at $13.40 per 12-ounce bag of coffee, the Standard tier costs $15.60 per bag, and the Premium tier starts at $18.40 per bag.

Trade Coffee Pricing

Trade Coffee’s pricing works a little differently and they have two separate categories you can choose from: The Fan Favorites and Trade’s Top Shelf.

The Fan Favorites subscription simply provides you with good coffee and starts at $15.75 per 12-ounce bag.

Trade Coffee Pricing

The Trade’s Top Shelf subscription is suited for coffee experts or people who want to try even better coffee. This starts at $19.50 per 12-ounce bag.

One of the cool things about Trade is that you get free shipping! Unless you order only one bag at a time, then shipping is $5.00.

Coffee That Works For You: Choosing a Subscription

Hopefully, one of these coffee subscription services has called you by now. If not, we’ve compiled the similarities and differences into a table!

Bottomless CoffeeTrade Coffee
Blend or Single-OriginBlend and single-originBlend and single-origin
DeliveryUses a wi-fi-enabled scale to analyze when you need coffeeLet you tell them how much coffee you drink per day to deliver it based on that
CustomizationGives you advanced options to choose exactly what you wantSuggestions you can choose from based on a short quiz
RoastingFreshly roasted from local and independent roastersFreshly roasted from top-rated roasters
Current Pricing$14-$19$15-$20 plus free shipping

Whether you want your coffee needs to be determined for you or you want more control, these subscriptions provide you with more accurate coffee delivery.

We love Bottomless Coffee and Trade Coffee for this reason, and we hope you do too!

Happy Caffeinating!

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