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Nespresso Essenza Review: A Compact Espresso Maker

If you’re going camping and need a small coffee maker, the Nespresso Essenza is perfect for your needs! Keep reading to learn about the key features and benefits of this machine.

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If you’re about to purchase a coffee maker and you’re considering a semi-automatic espresso machine, you may want to grab a measuring tape first. Most espresso machines take up a lot of extra countertop space!

However, the Nespresso Essenza Mini product line is a sleek, compact espresso machine that delivers the same exceptional coffee quality and premium aromas as other coffee makers, and you know Nespresso is a brand you can trust.

Nespresso Essenza

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The Convenience of Nespresso

The number one thing any Nespresso coffee machine excels at is convenience. So, when you want a quick espresso option without any of the hassle or mess of the traditional method for brewing espresso, Nespresso has you covered.

With a few easily programmable brew buttons and one-touch operation, you can make a daily espresso shot that’s delicious every time. 


Nespresso’s range of capsule-based espresso also offers a wide variety of options, with endless types of coffee beans to choose from in regular espresso capsules.

As a result, you can sample your way through their capsule assortment with your choice of aromatic profiles from your favorite coffee roasters without committing to larger coffee purchases. Each coffee pod contains the right amount of the perfect espresso grind, so there’s no guesswork.

Nespresso makes a couple of espresso machines that stand up to their rigorous standards and offer a more traditional espresso experience. These machines typically brew from a single espresso shot up to 5 ounces for every espresso drinking preference.

However, most are large, expensive models that take up a lot of real estate on your kitchen counter, so Nespresso thought of a solution!

The Nespresso Essenza Mini offers the same espresso flavor as a portable product for a fraction of the purchase price of the larger models. Let’s take a closer look at this mini-machine.

Make Way for the Nespresso Essenza Mini

If you’re in the market for a well-built, affordably-priced Nespresso coffee maker, you may want to consider the Nespresso Essenza Mini.

This compact machine for beginners delivers the flavor of espresso that has become the trademark of Nespresso, but without the large size of those pricier models.

Product Overview

Nespresso Essenza Product Overview
Product Dimensions4.3" W x 8.0" D x 12.8" H
Weight5 lbs
Water Tank20.3 Ounces
Pump Pressure19 bars of pressure
Used capsule container capacity6
SpecialtyIntense grey, pure white, piano black, lime green, ruby red

This single-cup coffee machine comes in two designs, and each minimalist beauty is available in three colors.

The machine includes a removable water reservoir with a lid that holds 20.3 ounces, or about two and a half cups of water. 

There are two one-touch buttons on the top of the machine featuring the programmable cup sizes you can select.

To turn the device on, press either brewing button. Next, lift the lever and insert a Nespresso capsule into the capsule tray to brew your espresso.

Place a coffee cup on the drip tray under the water outlet. If a regular coffee cup is too tall, you may also remove the Essenza Mini drip tray.

Push the preferred shot size, and the machine starts brewing automatically, stopping when done. You can interrupt the flow of coffee by pressing the preset button a second time.

Lift the lever again to eject the capsule into the used capsule container capable of holding 5-6 used capsules. 

Note that the Essenza Mini doesn’t brew a pot of coffee because it is a single-cup coffee maker.

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Key Features and Benefits

The Nespresso Essenza Mini is a compact little machine that perfectly fits any kitchen. It comes with all the great features that you can expect from Nespresso.

Compact Size

We all struggle to fit our semi-automatic espresso machine into a small counter space; Nespresso has solved this problem with the Essenza Mini.

At a mere 12.8 inches high, 8 inches deep, and 4.3 inches wide, this perfect espresso machine fits everywhere without sacrificing any of the coffee preferences we need.

Two Beautiful Designs

The Essenza Mini comes in two unique designs that will complement any kitchen.

Each sleek design offers three colors chosen to match today’s most popular and contemporary trends and will fit into any decor. 

Auto-Off Feature


No one wants to worry about their single-cup coffee machine staying on long after they’ve finished brewing their cup of espresso.

The Essenza Mini Nespresso engages its automatic energy-saving function and shuts off after nine minutes, giving you peace of mind and reducing energy consumption.

Intense Pressure Pump

NESPRESSO ESSENZA MINI High Pressure Pump and Fast Heat-Up

Because of the compact design, you might think this simple espresso machine doesn’t deliver the same pressure as a more robust standard pump espresso machine.

However, the espresso machine’s 19-bar high-pressure pump technology will provide a luscious, dense, and unctuous crema-topped espresso with delicate flavors in minutes with a simple push of the espresso button.

Two Essenza Mini Brewing Sizes

Despite its diminutive appearance, the Essenza Mini offers two sizes of coffee: a single or double cup of espresso.

And because this machine holds up to six used coffee pods and 20 ounces of water in the reservoir, you can keep making perfect coffee for a while before refilling.

Eco Mode

Nespresso strives to protect the environment, and they’ve ensured the Essenza Mini meets their eco-friendly model.

It reaches optimum hot water temperature in three minutes, which not only helps the environment but delivers your delicious espresso fast.

Add an Accessory

Nespresso offers a complete line of fantastic espresso-inspired accessories that will expand your Essenza Mini’s ability to deliver cups of dark roast coffee.

The extra cost will be worth it once you’ve tasted the barista-style coffee or espresso drinks these machines can produce.

Nespresso’s Stand-Alone Milk Frother

If you’re looking for the perfect companion to your Essenza Mini, this Aeroccino milk frother is the one. It will transform your espresso into shots for lattes and many specialty coffee drinks. It will make hot milk foam, hot milk, or cold milk froth.

Touch Sleeve Dispenser

Upgrade to this touch sleeve dispenser instead of the original capsule storage drawer.

This dispenser has a capsule capacity of up to six Original Coffee Capsule sleeves, with a sleek black design and 360-degree rotation.

It pairs perfectly with either format of the Essenza Mini and keeps your box of capsules on hand for every cup of coffee.

Recycling Bin

Having a recycle bin on hand is critical when it’s time to switch out your original used capsules from the finest coffee roasters. Nespresso believes in helping the environment, and they stand by their pledge.

This recycle bin holds 160 recyclable aluminum capsules, is easy to carry and empty, and is about the size of the Essenza Mini!

A Note about Nespresso

Original coffee capsule prices can take their toll on your wallet. Though Nespresso brand capsules help your machine function best, less-expensive third-party capsules are available.

So, check out these lines of capsule espresso that we think go great with a brand-new machine.

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Wrap Up

This small, fairly-priced espresso maker is an efficient coffee machine that delivers a barista-style result in a short time and a compact package with no compromise on taste.

In addition, it includes all the great features that Nespresso is known for in a curvy design that suits cramped spaces.

Of course, if you’re looking for something even smaller, check out our review on the Nanopresso by Wacaco. This hand-pumped espresso machine fits into a carry-on or a backpack and can provide espresso with exceptional taste anywhere you go. 

We think you’ll enjoy the Nespresso Essenza Mini and the world-class barista-like coffee varieties it produces.

Happy Caffeinating!

Nespresso Essenza Review: A Compact Espresso Maker
Nespresso Essenza

If you're looking for a coffee maker that's great for traveling, read our comprehensive Nespresso Essenza review!

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